What are Shower Panels Made From? A Guide to the 3 Styles

What are Shower Panels Made From? A Guide to the 3 Styles

Feb 2, '23

All of our shower panels provide a sophisticated, easy alternative to traditional decorating methods. Shower Panelling offers a great resolution if in need of a quick method for a high quality bathroom renovation. Install shower panels directly over existing tiles, or directly to the wall with no need of extensive wall preparation, messy grout or high labour intensive costs. Furthermore for the keen DIY’er an installation of shower panels is within reach, all of our panels come with a tongue and groove interlocking system allowing for a quick and easy install. Shower panels are incredibly easy to clean, and are hygienic, this provides a long lasting contemporary finish to your shower space. Shower panels are mould free as they are resistant to dampness and steam, resulting in no support of mould build-up or mildew growth. Panels offer a smooth wipe clean surface, as there is no grout which prevents accumulation of dirt and mould build-up. There are many benefits to wall paneling, bathroom panels are a genuine alternative to tiling and come with a whole host of benefits.

Our shower panels come in differing materials, the most popular choice amongst our customers are our large collection of PVC shower panels, we also offer panelling in MDF, and Plywood, Acrylic materials.

 Shower panelling traditionally range’s from 600mm - 1200mm in widths, depending on the material and brand. The price also varies depending on the material and style.

Shower wall panels typically fall into one of these three classifications >

PVC Shower Panels - PVC shower boards are completely waterproof, low cost and are easy to install on a DIY basis, these type of bathroom shower panels are the only panels without a solid core, instead they come with an internal construction consisting of a honey comb pattern. At 10mm in depth these panels are a solid PVC construction board.

Solid Core Shower Boards - As the name indicates, these shower wall panels are constructed from a solid core material, consisting of either MDF or plywood, with a waterproof covering laminate.

 Shower Panels - Although more of an expensive option than PVC or solid core boards, the effect these panels give is exceptional. Offering many types of prints from botanical through to geometric prints, you can even pick any colour to create a bright statement wall or something more subtle - all we need from you is a colour reference, or, supply us with your own image. Please email info@panelcompany.co.uk to bring your bespoke panel to life today. Furthermore these panels create stunning glass-like walls, all in a high gloss finish due to the nature of their material. The Acrylic shower wall panelling designs are available in a variety of colourways & prints and the solid coloured panels can be matched to a colour of your choice unique to you. 

Below we breakdown each shower board material in fuller detail >

PVC Shower Panels -

PVC Shower Panels

The shower panels in this collection are available in 600mm & 1000mm widths and are all 2.4 metres in length. Our one metre wide panels are our most popular, being wider than the 6000mm width panels in the range the one metre panels are the perfect size for waterproofing your shower area as provide maximum coverage. With a 10mm depth these shower panels are very hard wearing and will not crack or fault during high impact. Starting from the £50.00 mark these panels are an incredibly cost effective way of renovating your bathroom whilst providing a sophisticated, easy alternative to traditional decorating methods. From the staple high gloss white shower panel through to a tiled effect grey herringbone shower board, our PVC panels provide something for all tastes & interiors, whilst offering the same benefits of a premium product. The industry has come a long way since the invention of PVC panelling, and the designs that are available today, offer a number of colours and designs  to ensure they compliment a variety of styles.

PVC boards tend to be much lighter than solid core, and acrylic shower boards. This is because the internal core is not a solid mass, alternatively, it has a honey comb rigid internal construction.

Whilst PVC are the cheapest option often they are the most sensible too, thanks to their PVC material these panels will not warp, or rot, and expansion and contraction is irrelevant. MDF or plywood solid core panels, although sturdy if they are not installed properly they can be known to let water ingress in resulting in blown and warped panels. To avoid incorrect installation of solid core panels you should ensure that you get a reputable fitter to install. Don’t be deceived by the lower price of PVC panels, these are not a low quality or inferior choice, they are cheaper as a result of the material used to manufacture, the price does not affect the overall quality. PVC panels come with a 10 year guarantee and are just reliable as our other higher end shower panels in the range.

Starts From - £50.00
Material - PVC
Sizes - 600mm - 1000mm Wide x 2.4 Metres Length x 10mm Depth
Construction - Honey Comb Internal Construction Panel
Samples Available - Yes, get your free shower panel samples today
Suitable For - Domestic & Commercial Environments

MDF Shower Panels -

MDF Shower Panels

The MDF shower wall boards collection of panels are available in 600mm, 900mm & 1200mm widths and are all 2.4 metres in length. These panels are produced with a constructed waterproof laminate, and are available in all types of textures from a gloss to a highly textured matt finish. Out of all shower panel materials, MDF are the thickest and heaviest, hence why these panels are slightly more than PVC. With a premium high pressured laminated backing on the face and back of the panel this ensures the panel itself is completely waterproof and hygienic.

With a solid core construction these panels are durable and robust. Whilst these panels are a very appealing choice for your bathroom renovation, as mentioned prior it is a must that a reputable fitter install these panels, to ensure that the panels are sealed accordingly to fitting requirements, to avoid any water ingress, which would cause wrapped and blown panels. Available in a wide variety of modern designs from Marble, Quarry to Mineral, there is something for all styles and interiors.

Starts From -
Material - MDF
Sizes - 600mm, 900mm & 1200mm Widths x 2.44 Metres Length x 11mm Depth
Construction - Solid Core Internal Construction Panel
Samples Available - Yes
Suitable For - Domestic & Commercial Environments

Plywood Shower Panels -

Plywood Shower Panels

Plywood shower boards for shower are very similar to our MDF boards, with a solid internal plywood construction. Available in 600mm widths by 2.4 metres in length. The plywood panelling range features a variety of neutral designs, including contemporary concrete effect paneling, and marble-look tiles. With a solid core these panels come with a waterproof laminated backing on the face and back of the panel.

Starts From -
Material - Plywood
Sizes - 600mm Wide x 2.4 Metres Length x 10.2mm Depth
Construction - Solid Core Internal Construction Panel
Samples Available - No
Suitable For - Domestic & Commercial Environments

Acrylic Shower Panels -

Acrylic Shower PanelsAcrylic shower wall panels are one of the slimmest out of all shower panels, at 4mm in depth, however they are generally heavier than PVC shower panels, due to their acrylic solid core density construction. Produced in a whole range of bold colours and prints, these panels offer styles from prints, tiles, patterns, images and pastels & brights. Whilst these panels offer a highly waterproof, durable and hygienic surface for your wetroom or bathroom, these panels are also great for feature walls around the home and dressing rooms. If you are looking for a sleek, glass-like finish on your walls these panels offer just that. Available in 896mm & 1200mm widths, all of these acrylic panels are 2.4 metres in length.

Starts From - £315.00
Material - Acrylic
Sizes - 896mm - 1200mm Wide x 2.4 Metres Length x 4mm Depth
Construction - Solid Core Acrylic Construction Panel
Samples Available - Yes
Suitable For - Domestic & Commercial Environments

All of our shower panels at The Panel Company come in a wide range of materials, finishes and colours, and can be cut down to size easily, the shower panel material you choose for your renovation project depends on budget and also personal preference, if you would like to discuss our shower panel options in more detail contact us today!

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