Meet The Team

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Managing Director

I’ve been with the business for over 5 years now and I’ve had the privilege to work up through every role to Managing Director. This gives me a great feel for every part of the business. I am here to make sure that all the pieces of that business are working perfectly well together. In doing so I have a great management team but equally important, great people working throughout the business. We are proud of our business, and I know that comes through in everything we do.

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Retail Manager

I’m lucky enough to look after the stores where I get to interact with customers every day. This gives me great feedback, so I get a good understanding of what people are looking for. And yes, that’s all the benefits our products provide – great look, durability, hygiene (no grout!) and value. But my main focus is on developing and sourcing new products. I’m pretty sure that we offer just about every product currently on the market and we work closely with the manufacturers on new products based around the feedback we get from our customers.



Marketing Manager

Marketing is made easy when you have a great product and a great marketing team. I work closely with James in sourcing new products, and we always have new products in the pipeline, but my main focus is ensuring that the website looks great and is easy to use. I’m especially proud of the Inspirations section that makes it so much easier to compare similar products and hopefully make the buying process easier. In reality, I feel I am helping the customer get the right product for their project and that does feel really good.



Operations Manager

I’m the one responsible for getting the right product to the customer as quickly as possible. At The Panel Company we try to deliver every item on our own fleet of over 20 vans that cover most of the country from our distribution centres in Bristol, Rotherham, Huddersfield and Durham. About 100% of deliveries are by our own staff on our own vans, the remainder in the farther parts of the country goes out well packaged by courier. From the picking, packing, and preparing the van deliveries, we have a great team with many years of product experience. I’m incredibly proud of the work we do.




I have originated, acquired, and managed many successful businesses since qualifying as a Chartered Accountant far too many years ago! For nearly a decade I have put all my experience and energy into The Panel Company. I have learnt that successful businesses need great products, great prices and outstanding service but they start with the customer and end with the customer. Honesty, integrity, and a commitment to customer service - these values underpin everything we do in our business. I like to think that our referrals, reviews and results speak for themselves.

My role in the business is to use my experience to help the team deliver all of the above, without interfering too much!