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If you are looking for an alternative to traditional decoration for your new look shower room, bathroom or wet room, then you've found the right page. Shower panels offer an amazing alternative to traditional decorating methods such as tiling or wallpapering. If you have a small bathroom and you are looking for some ideas and inspiration on how you can make your smaller space make a massive impact then take a look at our fantastic offer of PVC shower panel cladding products. We are sure we have something to suit all tastes, bathroom decors and budgets. If you have a larger bathroom and you are trying to find something that suits a particular atmosphere and mood, then within our range of shower panels that include textured and seamless finishes will be something that will satisfy the most discerning of tastes.

Shower panels are a decorating trend which is simple to apply, easy to clean and a leaves stunning effect which is cost effective, pleasing on the eye and very very durable. The Panel Company are the leading suppliers of shower panels to the UK market, we can help you find the perfect finish to whatever room you wish to install our products in. Browse around our offer and feel free to chat with us online, drop an email or even give us a ring, we would love to help you in whichever way we can.


Would you like to turn your shower-room or bathroom into something that looks more like a sanctuary or mini spa? With shower panels from The Panel Company, you will be well on the way to create the effect you thought was never possible. Our shower panels come in such a variety of styles and finishes that no matter what your taste, you will find something that matches what you are looking for.


We are on hand to deal with your questions and queries on our products and you can be confident that our customer support staff are with you every step of the way. With finance and delivery options in place The Panel Company are the number one UK stockists of wall panels, we have everything you need wrapped up in one complete service.