Van Conversion on a Budget with PVC Panels

Van Conversion on a Budget with PVC Panels

Dec 22, '21

Due to international travel limitations, ‘van life’ is now all the rage. With staycations on the rise, converting a van into a camper van or upgrading a current camper provides the chance to travel the country in comfort. Therefore, it’s vital that you choose the right style of interiors for your van. While there’s plenty of design inspiration to be found online, from nature-inspired interiors to contemporary modern van renovations, it’s also important to remember the importance of practical elements, such as your van walls, ceiling and flooring.

Selecting wall and ceiling panels that are both stylish and durable can be a challenge but, here at the Panel Company, we provide a selection of bespoke panels that are long-lasting, attractive and will allow you to remain within budget. So the most difficult part of the whole conversion process will be choosing your favourite panels! Better yet, each of our high-quality wall, ceiling and floor panels can also be mounted over existing van interiors, making them the ideal design solution if you’re thinking about a cost-effective van renovation. 

From living areas to bathrooms and kitchens, our panels are suitable for every area in your camper van. Whether you’re looking for a modern, eye-catching design to bring excitement to a living space, or you’re on the market for a range of on-trend marble panels that can create a sleek, modern look - keep reading as we walk you through the benefits of PVC panels for camper vans, along with our own panel recommendations to help narrow your search. 

Benefits of PVC Panels for Camper Vans

If you’re still contemplating whether or not to install PVC panels in your van conversion, here are a few of our favourite advantages that will help you make the right decision.

With camper vans, everything is confined to a small area which means, in most cases, the kitchen, sleeping area and living room will often be open plan and very close together. Due to the nature of this, most areas of your camper van will be very lived in, which is why it’s important to opt for panels that don’t collect dirt or mark easily.

Our PVC panels have smooth surfaces, meaning they don’t gather dirt easily and have a straightforward, hygienic cleaning regime, therefore contrasting the rigorous and lengthy maintenance process and abrasive cleaning agents needed for regular drywall or tiles. Removing grubby marks has never been easier either, as all that’s needed to clean PVC panels is a soft cloth and soapy water. 

These low-maintenance panels are also ideal if you’re leaving the camper in the garage for a long period, as there’s no need to worry about them collecting dirt over time or setting time aside to clean them. Regardless of your concerns, whether you’re worried about condensation when cooking tea, or bringing muddy paw prints in after a walk with your furry friend, our PVC panels provide the perfect, fuss-free solution to renovating your camper van. 

Still interested? Read on to take a look at our favourite, budget-friendly PVC panels available to purchase online at The Panel Company. Save even more in our winter sale, with up to 35% off panels plus an extra 5% off. 

Choosing PVC Panels

When it comes to choosing the right PVC panels for your van conversion, there’s a number of factors that often come into play. To help you make the right decision for your conversion or renovation, we’ve put together a four-stage guide that covers everything from selecting the right colour, type, size of panel and panel profile. It’s also important to make note of your van’s layout, considering each and every space that you will need to cover. 

Here at The Panel Company, we can bring your ideas to life with our extensive collection of PVC wall and ceiling panels. Below, we’ve handpicked an array of panels we feel are best suited to camper vans and their unique requirements.

Camper Van Wall Panels, Ceiling Panels and Flooring

Wood Grain PVC Panels-

Wood grain PVC panels

Featuring a tiled effect with a unique, decorative pattern, our Wood Grain PVC panels are perfect for a rustic, nature-inspired appearance that reflects true van life, which is why it’s no surprise these high-quality camper interior wall panels are all the rage. 

Our Vox Motivo Light Wood panels are designed with 3D printing technology, which brings the design on the tiles to life, enabling both a detailed and realistic look. These wooden-style van panels are also part of our 8mm range, which means they’re super easy to install. 

Easy to clean and 100% waterproof, these wood effect panels are the perfect choice for a camper van.

White Ash PVC Panels-

White ash PVC panels
If you’re looking for faux wood panels for your camper’s ceiling, try the White Ash PVC Ceiling and Wall Cladding, which provides a similar effect to the Vox Motivo Light Wood and will therefore create a consistent theme within your van's interiors. Crafted a luxurious satin finish, these high-quality wall panels also benefit from waterproof properties making them suitable for use across all rooms.

Brick Effect PVC Panels- 

brick effect pvc panels

Looking for something a little bit different for your van conversion project? Our rustic Brick Effect Wall Panels will add character to your living space, meaning you’ll be even more excited about the travels you’ll be undertaking in your beautifully converted van. Reinvented with a contemporary style, these PVC panels are perfect if you want your camper to look up-to-date and stand out from the crowd. 

Our Dumapan SMP Metro 2 Tile PVC Panels  use Synchronized Multicolour Printing technology, which allows the effect to be directly printed onto the wall panel in high-resolution, creating an incredibly realistic appearance. As well as adopting a stylish appearance, these high-quality brick wall panels are hard wearing and will last for years to come. Designed with sustainability in mind, they are a fantastic alternative to traditional tiling. 

Stone Effect PVC Panels-

Stone effect PVC Panels

Our marbled Stone Effect PVC Panels reflect the outdoors in a stylish, contemporary way. The perfect alternative to tile cladding, these striking panels are definitely pleasing on the eye. If you’re looking to adopt a similar approach in your van renovation, the Sofia Dark Stone Effect PVC Panel works well to provide that outdoorsy effect. It’s also incredibly practical, with moisture resistant features, making it a suitable choice for either the bathroom or kitchen in your van. Also great If you’re just looking to refresh your existing van interiors on a budget, the Stone Effect PVC panels  are a great choice, as they can be installed onto existing walls, ready for your 2022 travels.

Gloss White PVC Panels- 

Gloss white PVC panels

Our gloss white PVC panels provide a clean, modern look that sets the mood for the perfect summer holiday. Resistant and hard-wearing, our Gloss White V Groove panels will provide an instant, upgraded appearance to your ceiling that’s bound to stay in fashion. Like our other PVC panels, it’s both moisture and water resistant, so your interiors are guaranteed to withstand the test of time. 

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Fitting PVC Panels- 

Once you’ve decided on your preferred PVC panels, the next step is to make sure they’re fitted correctly. This can be done while following our straightforward installation guide, which lists all our recommended tools and includes only the essentials, helping you stay within budget. This guide also illustrates how best to install both ceiling, floor and wall panels - meaning you’re covered from all angles. 

Find camper conversion ideas at The Panel Company

Whether you’re converting your van in-time for the new year or are simply at the renovation planning stage, The Panel Company is home to an extensive range of contemporary, on-trend panels that are bound to look great in your new camper van. Discover our carefully hand-picked range of stylish yet durable PVC wall panels and ceiling panels online at The Panel Company.

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