How To Brighten a Bathroom With No Windows

How To Brighten a Bathroom With No Windows

Mar 25, '24

The best windowless bathroom ideas and how to prevent mould

Many interior designers and homeowners alike value having large windows to allow natural light to complement their décor and make a room feel more airy and inviting. Of course, windows also offer practicality by helping to circulate and ventilate air. Still, it is not uncommon for homes to have bathrooms without windows, especially in downstairs lavatories or in smaller houses. This can lead to frustration regarding bathroom design and décor, and in some cases, it can result in increased chances of mould or water damage. 

If you have a bathroom with no windows and need some design inspiration to create a more relaxed space that has character, we’ve compiled a list of windowless bathroom ideas to help you achieve your home interior goals. Keep reading as we take you through some of our favourite ways to transform a space, covering a range of styles and colour options.

How can I make my bathroom feel brighter without windows?

One of the most simple ways to make your bathroom feel brighter without windows is to choose a light and airy colour palette that can help to reflect artificial light. White can work wonders when done correctly as the clean and simple appeal helps to create the illusion of a more streamlined space. However, if white doesn’t appeal to you, you can opt for other light neutral tones such as beige and cream, or pastel options for a pop of colour.

To add character to your space, you can experiment with other areas of your bathroom such as light fixtures, shower heads, taps, rugs and storage caddies. Monochromatic designs which utilise reflective surfaces such as glossy sink units are a popular choice for contemporary windowless bathrooms and are often accompanied by black or gold accents.

Do bathrooms need windows?

Whilst windows are a desirable feature in bathrooms, they are not typically necessary as long as your bathroom has suitable ventilation such as a working extractor fan to remove excess moisture from the air. Repeat exposure to steam and water can result in mould formation or damage to wall surfaces and décor. To ensure that your windowless bathroom is kept looking its best, we would recommend opting for panels which will help to keep mould at bay and reduce the risk of water damage. You can create some striking looks with panels which bring out character, and you can also incorporate ceiling panels and SPC flooring to ensure optimal resistance to water damage.

Small bathroom with no window ideas

If you’re worried that your small bathroom feels a little cramped, it’s important to choose the right colour scheme. Opting for neutral colours such as the Dumawall Plus Ecru Solid waterproof and watertight bathroom wall tile offers a practical finish that is akin to more traditional styles, uplifting your space for a more inviting atmosphere. This earth-toned beige also opens up your decoration possibilities to incorporate further accents and contrasting colours to add more personality.

Small windowless bathrooms also benefit from using textured effects and pops of colour. Some people prefer to use patterns, but these can quickly feel too busy in a small space which can be visually overwhelming. Instead, we’d recommend opting for something like the Elegance Abstract Soft Blue wall panel which features a brushed effect for added depth. The light blue hue is subtle, but enough to create a focal point when used as a feature wall. Additionally, this colour will reflect artificial lighting to give the appearance of a brighter bathroom. By adding mirrors in place of windows, you can also help to give the illusion of a larger space and further reflect your lighting into all areas of your small bathroom.

If you can, we’d also suggest upgrading your lighting system to incorporate bulbs that are closer in colour to natural light, and adding spotlights at different levels. Bulbs that are too bright or too yellow can make your bathroom seem more boxed-in whereas neutral tones will help to induce a spa-like feeling.

Larger windowless bathroom ideas

Improving the ambience in larger bathrooms without windows can be an easier task as you have more space to work with, which in turn results in more opportunities for adding character and other elements that will brighten a space. One of the easiest ways to brighten up your bathroom is to utilise glossy finish panels. If you’re not a huge fan of this type of finish, you could choose to use it only in your shower area by opting for a white shower panel. This can then be further complemented with a matching sink, toilet, or unit. These reflective surfaces will be important for creating the illusion of a light and airy bathroom.

For a design with more personable charm, you may wish to opt for patterns. The Premium Large White Herringbone Marble Tile offers an alternative to plain white, whilst still adhering to simple and refined aesthetics. It features a marble design, but the herringbone arrangement offers further visual intrigue, and with a glossy finish you’ll still be able to reflect light throughout the bathroom. The white hue also means that you can experiment with pops of colour, rose gold or navy would make excellent options that can help to break up the white and create a focal point.

Moving away from glossy finishes, if you’d prefer more of a rustic charm you could opt for a subtle pattern such as the Premium Large Antwerp shower panel or the Vox Motivo Honey Marble. Both feature bright yet earthy neutral tones which would pair perfectly with more ambient lighting and softer décor touches to create an inviting and lively space. Both options are also light enough to ensure a space isn’t overwhelmed and remains uplifted even without natural light shining through a window.

Additional tips for decorating a bathroom with no windows

Whilst the colour scheme is one of the most important factors when it comes to brightening a space, there are also some other considerations which can make or break your bathroom. For example, despite white colours being a powerful tool and a popular choice for increasing light, you don’t have to shy away from colours and patterns. Windowless bathrooms can look fantastic in maximalist styles or with colours across all four walls as long as it’s done right. However, aside from the wall decor itself, you may want to consider the following points to help you create the perfect bright and airy bathroom:


  • Use transparent fixtures such as glass shelving and glass shower screens to stop areas from feeling closed off. 
  • Add greenery to create more of a fresh feeling and add natural pops of colour.
  • Use focused lighting where possible, such as choosing daylight ambient bulbs around vanity areas rather than directing bright light to the entire room. This will help to give more ambience.
  • Bring wall art and quirky mirrors to make the bathroom more cheerful and lively.
  • Lean into the dark side by creating a feature wall, utilising textures and shapes where possible and making the feature pop with light accents such as gold trims.

Transform your windowless bathroom into an oasis with The Panel Company

There are plenty of reasons why using panels is popular amongst homeowners and interior designers. Not only are they easy to install and maintain, but they also offer functionality as well as practicality - especially when used in windowless bathrooms. Our selection of bathroom cladding is designed to withstand repeated exposure to humid environments, keeping your space looking its best and resistant to mould or other damage. For further inspiration, browse our full collection of shower panels and bathroom wall panels.

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