Benefits of PVC Wall and Shower Panels

Benefits of PVC Wall and Shower Panels

Jun 28, '22

There are many benefits to wall paneling, bathroom panels are a genuine alternative to tiling and come with a whole host of benefits, which can be found outlined below...

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1. Completely 100% Waterproof

All of our panels are waterproof, and watertight with their tongue and groove interlocking system. Paneling is predominately a PVC material or MDF with a waterproof coating on the panel design, this makes all of our panels water and moisture resistant. Not only are wall panels 100% waterproof, once installed provide a fully water tight casing where no water will seep through in your shower or bath area. This is due to their tongue and groove interlocking system.

2. No Grout Required

Wall panels offer the ability to change your room in a quick and cost effective way, without the need for extensive preparation or grouting. There is no dirty grout required that attracts mould over time, wall panels are very resistant mould buildup as there simply is nowhere for moisture to become trapped; it all runs off, which is extremely important when it comes to the interior of your shower and bathroom area. With no grouting, maintenance is easy and your desired look will stand the test of time.

3. Thermal Insulation

Traditional porcelain and marble tile walls and flooring are very cold surfaces. They make a bathroom cold and as a result you are wasting money to heat a room that will never get warm as the tiles conduct all the heat away. It can be uncomfortably cold on those chilly winter days and with such poor thermal insulation it can significantly increase your fuel bills. Not only will wall panelling offer a huge saving on installation by adding an extra layer, it will also help to lower your domestic fuel costs in winter months.

With excellent thermal insulation properties, they insulate your bathroom, keeping heat in and lowering your fuel bills. Bathroom wall panels are also warm to the touch compared to tiles with their cold surface. A warm bathroom and lower heating costs – what’s not to like!

4. Install Panels Directly over Almost any Existing Surface

Wall and shower panels can be installed directly over existing tiles, existing panels, plaster board, chip board, painted walls, solid brick or concrete. Paneling boards can simply cover virtually any surface area and with a tongue and groove interlocking system, an installation of panels is within the reach of the amateur DIY enthusiast.

When installing over a non-porous surface such existing tiles we recommend using silicone as the adhesive. Prior to installation we always recommend that tiles are fully cleaned down and clear of any residue (we recommend sugar soap) this ensures that the panels and adhesive can form a good bond with the existing tiles.

When installing over a porous surface such as plaster board or chip board etc. we recommend using a solvent free adhesive, the one we sell is called pink grip, this is an instant grab adhesive. Panels are great for covering up any irregularities on existing wall surfaces. Where there are irregularities in the wall we always recommend an extra blob of adhesive in these areas for a flat and neat installation.

5. Quick and Easy Installation

All of our wall and shower boards come with a tongue and groove interlocking system, simply interlock one another together along the designated wall, plus all panels are incredibly easy to cut, which allows for a quick install. Installation of these panels is within reach of a keen DIYer, we have a range of helpful guides on how to measure for wall panels and how to install paneling. For a more visual viewing make sure to check out our Youtube channel where we have a whole host of installation videos.

6. Easy to Maintain - Wipe Clean Surface

Wall panels have a smooth wipe clean surface area unlike tiling which can take a toll when it comes to the heavy cleaning regime. Over time ceramic tiles and grout discolour and crack providing the perfect environment for mould to work its way into the wonderful space you have worked so hard to create. With wall boards there is nowhere for mould to grow making them much easier to maintain in comparison to standard tiling, making wall panels extremely low-maintenance in contrast. This is not to say panels do not require any maintenance at all, they do need cleaning occasionally to ensure they remain as eye-catching as the day you installed them. Wall panels have become increasingly popular due to there low-maintenance, and it is why so many people are looking to shower and wall boards to not only increase the visual appeal of their bathrooms, but also from a hygiene perspective.

7. Hygienic - Mould Free

It is fair to say that no room in the home gets as moisture drenched as the bathroom area, wall panels are highly water resistant due to their PVC material which makes paneling highly resistant to water and steam. Panels are highly effective for reducing bacteria and infections, and their T&G interlocking system prevents the entry of any water seeping through the panels onto existing wall surfaces, offering a completely waterproof seal, making them a good surface for preventing mould buildup. As PVC wall panels are resistant to dampness and steam they do not support mould build-up or mildew growth. Panels offer a smooth wipe clean surface which prevents accumulation of dirt and mould build-up.

When moisture gets trapped in standard tiling grout and the room temperature rises with usage, this makes the moist areas on the surfaces hotbeds for bacteria that results in mould build up. Mould can impose a serious risk to the health of yourself and others, a living thing sending harmful bacterial spores into the air is not ideal! Paneling on the other hand is effective for reducing bacteria and infections.

If you want the look of tiles but don’t want the heavy cleaning regime or mould build up that comes with tiling, we do offer a whole collection of bevelled tile wall panels that provide an authentic textured grout line and the look of traditional tiling without the hefty installation or mould! Finally you can say goodbye to mouldy bathroom walls and ceilings!

8. Cost Effective

Paneling is cost effective in so many ways, mainly because panels tend to be cheaper than tiles themselves, however they are also less labour-intensive in comparison to tiles. This is because panels can be installed a lot quicker than tiles, there is no intricate grout to account for, plus they can be installed directly over your existing tiles & surfaces that require little preparation. This means there is no need for tiles to be removed or existing surfaces to be skimmed within reason. Making an installation of panels being able to be completed in no time by a fitter. Alternatively you can install the panels yourself, removing the requirement of a professional paid fitter, if you are a keen DIYer and have basic DIY skills then our wall panels are within reach of a self-install, with the right tools and finishing trims. View our installation guide here. 

This sort of installation does not have to be a job that last’s several days, if a fitter or yourself are fully prepared and have put the correct preparations in place, the whole installation of paneling can be completed in a matter of a few days or even hours, depending on the installation type and size!

Not only will choosing paneling offer a huge saving on installation it will help to lower your domestic fuel costs, as all wall and shower panels provide strong insulation. Traditional tiling surfaces are cold to touch surfaces and make a bathroom cold, which results in wastage money in trying to heat a room that will never get warm, and with such poor thermal insulation it can significantly increase your fuel bills. Traditional tiling isn’t anywhere near as thick as you may think, and this is why your bathroom is so susceptible to getting cold in those winter months.

Wall panels, ceiling panels and textured non-slip SPC Flooring however offers an alternative, with their excellent thermal insulation properties. With panelling you are dealing with a durable material that is averagely around 8mm in depth, this means that the heat from your radiators will not escape as easily, resulting in less temptation for turning up the heating or keeping the heating on for hours on end, this saves energy, which reduces costs! Unlike tiles they are a warm to touch surface, and will insulate your bathroom, by keeping heat in and lowering your fuel bills, again resulting in a warmer bathroom and lower heating costs.

There are few reasons not to consider panels for your bathroom area. While standard tiling might be tempting on your next installation as it may be all you have known, it simply does not provide all the benefits that paneling provides - and, in many ways, it can cost you more in the long-term.

No matter what your budget there is now so much choice from the more expensive solid-core acrylic and ShowerWall panels to the more value focused PVC wall panels. You can have tile effect panels, stone, wood, textured, contemporary or sparkle finishes. Panels come in all sizes with the large shower panels at a metre wide and wall panels of all sizes up to that point. You can mix and match to create a bathroom that is entirely unique to you.

9. A Host of Colours, Designs and Style’s

From the value-focussed Décor Range to the very latest designs that challenge the look of tiles or stone we offer the entire range of what is possible. Panels have evolved over recent years to offer a wide range of finishes and looks from the traditional sparkle and plain tiles for your ceiling through to tile, metallic and stone effect finishes. With our unique Simply Cladding finishes we also offer the ability to laminate most surfaces, including glass and Perspex, in hundreds of different finishes and on surfaces that are capable of absorbing high intensity usage such as halls and kitchens.

With so many colours & styles to select from we have a helpful guide on how to choose wall panels, to make the selection process a lot easier. Here at The Panel Company we also know the value of a physical sample. Nothing compares to being able to feel the texture and view the colours in your own environment. Colour match and visualise with our free sample service.

Panels will provide a flawless finish that will last for years to come, there is barely a place in your bathroom where it can’t be installed, from walls to the ceilings the options are endless. Paneling now offers a genuine alternative to traditional tiling methods, installing wall panels is no longer a a cheap and cheerful alternative, with advancements in recent years to designs and prints, panels offer a whole host of options to choose from. Perhaps now is the time to take a fresh outlook at your bathroom prospects! If you have any questions about panels, installation or samples please get in touch with our main customer service team here at The Panel Company on 01709 828339 or email us at

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