The Best Bathroom Feature Wall Ideas

The Best Bathroom Feature Wall Ideas

Feb 29, '24

Bathroom feature wall ideas to easily transform your space

Feature walls are a popular design choice for homeowners and interior designers and, when done right, they can add character, personality and even depth to a space. Most people choose to place a feature in a living room or a dining area as these are high-traffic areas in the home, but they can also have a huge influence on the perception of space in your bathroom. 

Typically, bathrooms can be trickier to work with because they’re smaller and often have specific property requirements to ensure decor isn’t affected by water or steam exposure, and some homeowners may be put off by the prospect of using or covering tiles. Using wall panels for your accent wall can help eliminate many of these issues, providing a simple way to transform a space. Keep reading as we discuss how decorative bathroom panels can be used to bring charm and dimension to your home.

What is a feature wall?

A feature wall is an excellent way to create a visual focal point that impacts how a space looks and feels. Where a bathroom with matching walls creates a sense of seamless cohesion, choosing a single wall to add texture, colour, or a pattern offers a bolder statement that can bring character and charm.

Which wall should be my feature wall in my bathroom?

Any wall in your bathroom can be an accent wall. However, some walls will make better choices than others depending on the space you’re working with. A popular choice is to create a visual focal point on the wall where your bath or shower is located, but highlighting the wall behind the sink or toilet can also provide a statement effect. When choosing a feature wall, you should consider the following tips:

  • Try to choose a symmetrical wall. If you select one that is impacted by a column or other obtruding object, you’ll be highlighting those imperfections and the result may not be as well received as you hoped. You could choose a wall with an intriguing architectural feature such as an alcove, as long as there is symmetry. 
  • If possible, avoid choosing a wall with a window as contrasting light can overwhelm a room.
  • Try stepping into your bathroom and identifying the first wall that grabs your attention, this will likely be where you want to create visual intrigue.

What should I use for a feature wall in a bathroom?

Because bathrooms are subject to hot and humid environments, you’ll need to select something that can withstand water and steam exposure. Panels are an excellent choice for this as they’re waterproof, easy to clean and maintain, and they’re resistant to mould whilst offering visual appeal. Additionally, because they are simple to install you can easily add a variety of textures, effects, and colours. The key to creating an effective feature wall is to think beyond solid colours, adding multiple colours or patterns is typically more powerful when adding an accent. The ideas below should provide you with plenty of inspiration to help you design the perfect bathroom feature wall for your home.

Classic tile effect bathroom feature wall 

For those who like clean and classic design schemes, tile effect panels can be used to create a visual focal point that adheres to the typical design features of a bathroom. Usually, bathrooms will feature larger tiles because these are easier to clean between the grout lines, however with panels, there is no need to be limited by size as there is no grouting required. In this case, we’d recommend opting for a mosaic style for your feature wall, as the small geometric shapes can provide a powerful visual impact and give the allure of a luxury bathroom akin to spa and up-market hotel designs. 

Serene stone effect bathroom feature wall


Stone effect feature walls are also a popular choice because they provide a more natural and homely feeling. Typically stone-effect accent walls are found around fireplaces in homes, but they also make a fantastic feature in bathrooms as they provide a calming and serene environment that is inspired by nature. That is why you’ll often see stone being used in spa-like environments and tranquil luxury accommodations. The Vox Motivo Sandstone panels make an excellent choice for those who like a minimalist or earthy aesthetic for their interior design scheme.

Rustic brick effect bathroom feature wall 


Whilst some people may enjoy a bright and clean aesthetic in their bathroom, others may prefer a more rustic and chic appeal that reflects the rest of the home. Brick is a great way to achieve this look, and the red hue can certainly strike visual intrigue, though this can sometimes be harder to match to the rest of your bathroom unless you are creating an industrial look. The industrial aesthetic is growing in popularity within the design world, but if you aren’t ready to embrace it to its full extent, you could opt for a more minimalist option by using white brick panels. This way you’ll still get the effect of added depth and texture, but you’ll be able to blend in elements of the traditionally used clean and contemporary aesthetic.

Natural wooden accent panels


By incorporating wooden panels, you can create an indoor oasis. They’re excellent for easily adding texture and their natural look means that they can seamlessly blend into almost any decor whilst providing a subtle focal point. Wooden feature walls are ideal for those who want to create a quaint or chic look and they can be used on any wall, providing an alternative to tiled splashbacks or painted features.

Alternatively, for a more contemporary look, you could opt for wooden slat panels to create your feature wall. A common trend, this style is seen in minimalist design schemes and Scandi or Japandi-style homes seeking a natural-modern look. Pair with plants, woven baskets and ceramics to embrace the style, or add gold and black accents alongside geometric patterns for an Art Deco approach. 

Maximalist patterned feature walls


The minimalist style and subtle feature walls aren’t to everyone’s taste. Some may prefer a bolder approach that goes against the grain of common contemporary trends. As such, patterned tiles may be the best option for creating a focal point with an impact. There are limitless possibilities within a maximalist design scheme, but if you want to create a truly captivating feature wall, we’d recommend opting for tile effect panels with a busy pattern and reducing the amount of clashing décor around the wall. To cultivate a relaxing area, however, choose something with a vintage style that is not too bold in colour so that the room isn’t overwhelmed by your accent wall.

Design your dream bathroom feature wall with The Panel Company

Hopefully, our bathroom feature wall ideas have given you inspiration for your bathroom redesign. If you haven’t found something that fits your vision, we have plenty of other bathroom wall panels that would make for stunning feature walls. Simply browse through the collection to find a style that is perfect for you. Alternatively, explore our galleries or use our wall panel calculator to get started with your project.

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