How to Design a Jack and Jill Bathroom

How to Design a Jack and Jill Bathroom

Jan 31, '23

Jack and Jill bathrooms provide an ideal option for busy family households and are a great space saving solution. Usually characterised by a symmetrical design, this increasingly popular style of bathroom is used as an ensuite by not one - but two separate rooms on either side. 

Helping to save money and conserve space in the home, while also helping to conserve water usage, Jack and Jill bathrooms are a great option for families who are looking to cut back on costs and use the extra space for other purposes. But achieving both an aesthetic and functional bathroom of this style can be difficult to perfect. After all, there’s a lot to consider when planning the initial layout, including evaluating how much space you have, considering the fixtures you might want to include and how they will fit around both doors, as well as whether you wish to achieve a traditional or contemporary style, and more.

When designing a jack and jill bathroom, the most important aspect to consider is making sure you make the most of the space. To accomplish this, we recommend working the layout around a centralised vanity unit which provides a focal point for both users of the shared bathroom. 

Another great tip is to use a pocket door or sliding barn door instead of a traditional swinging door to help save space and make the bathroom feel more open. It is important that you carefully consider how much space each piece of bathroom furniture will take up. We advise choosing smaller fixtures such as pedestal sinks or wall-mounted toilets as well as corner showers or a shower/bath combination to maximise the use of the space. If you’re looking for some key advice to perfect this style of bathroom, our helpful guide will walk you through design tips, ideas and inspiration below.

What is a Jack and Jill Bathroom?

A style of bathroom which is perfect for sharing between siblings in large family homes, a Jack and Jill bathroom is centrally placed between two bedrooms with separate doors that make this accessible from both rooms. Having first reached a heightened demand in the late 1900s for families with multiple children due to their convenience and practicality, Jack and Jill bathrooms can sometimes be viewed as following an older style. However, this particular bathroom layout is highly versatile and presents endless design opportunities; it’s a style where creativity can really run wild.

Whether you decide to design your Jack and Jill bathroom using a classic style or you’re going for more of a contemporary appearance, or a blend of the two, perhaps? We recommend that you coordinate this, at least in part, with both of the rooms it’s connected to, to blend your interiors and create a sense of harmony between the three spaces.

Jack and Jill Bathroom Design & Layout Ideas

There is a lot to consider when planning the layout of a Jack and Jill bathroom, which is why we’ve created this Panel Company guide that will walk you through some useful design and layout tips. From the size of the available space, to the age of the individuals sharing the bathroom, as well as considering any additional fixtures that will be needed with two people sharing the room, read our advice on how to plan an effective layout.

  1. Consider all elements of privacy

Since the bathroom is being shared between two people, it’s important to consider how the space can provide each individual with enough privacy to allow them to comfortably use the space. To make both parties as comfortable as possible, particularly if they’re of different genders, we recommend placing locks on both doors to help increase privacy. Another Panel Company tip, if the space allows, is to have an enclosed toilet cubicle and, if you can, an enclosed shower/ bath space for extra privacy, utilising a central open vanity area.

Another alternative for if you have a larger space is to create two separate rooms that both include a toilet and sink. These would be connected to a central shower room that would be shared. However, the latter option might prove to be more costly in terms of water usage and the additional fixtures that could be required for this, as opposed to a more traditional layout.

  1. Leave enough space to move around

No matter the size of the space, it is essential that you properly measure both the fixtures you intend to fit, and the space itself to ensure that the space does not feel overcrowded.  And, as the space will need to be accessed via two separate doors, it’s important that the bathroom layout works from both sides. Because of this extra door, if the bathroom is smaller or more narrow, whilst this might be manageable, you could be quite restricted in terms of layout and design. For example, there may only be space for one sink, toilet, and a shower and bath combination, rather than an individual bath and shower.

On the other hand, larger or wider bathrooms can provide more versatility when it comes to deciding on the layout of the room. If you have the space, we recommend opting for a double basin vanity unit for convenience. Dual sinks also help to provide a more personal feel to the shared space, as each party can have their own dedicated zone within the space. You may also wish to have a separate bath and shower, rather than a combo option, or rather than just one or the other.

  1. Create harmony through a symmetrical design

To create harmony within the space, we advise using the same wall panels and flooring throughout the entire room for aesthetic purposes, while creating a sense of symmetry through installing coordinating vanity units, mirrors, decor and much more. This provides a good opportunity to fuse the styles of both parties to create a unique room that they’re sure to love.

A good way to approach this is to try and pick out one or two elements in common to help aid symmetry and aesthetics. However, if this is proving to be difficult, we instead advise drawing inspiration from some of our Jack and Jill design tips below. 

  1. Design with two people in mind

We’ve already covered some of the more obvious considerations when designing a room that will be accessed from two sides, such as door position and bathroom fixtures. However, there are some other considerations that should be made when designing a space for two.

For instance, since there will be two entry points, we advise fitting a light switch outside the bathroom in both rooms so that this can be controlled easily from both entryways. While coming up with some clever storage solutions will help to ensure that there’s plenty of space for two peoples’ belongings, whilst ensuring the room stays free from clutter.

  1. Create separation

Just because we recommend creating a sense of symmetry for aesthetic purposes, this doesn’t mean that everything should be exactly the same. With a bathroom shared by two individuals, with two different personalities, we advise changing around some fixtures when it comes to planning the design and layout, so not everything is the same. This is so you can give the opportunity for their individual personalities to shine through.

One Panel Company tip is to leave space for small elements that reflect individuality. For instance, with young children, if they’re both using stools or bath mats, we advise giving them their own stool or bath mat that mirrors their individual style, rather than using two with the same designs. Or, for two older siblings, we recommend providing them with different soaps, or soap dishes, as well as different toothbrush holders, and several pieces of unique decor each, to help them feel like the bathroom is their own. 

Jack and Jill Bathroom Inspiration

Once you have a clear idea of how you would like the layout and design of your Jack and Jill bathroom to look, it’s time to decide upon the style of furniture you’d like to use in the space.

Whether you’re planning a compact bathroom for two and are looking for the perfect shareable sink and mirror for a smaller vanity area, or you have some extra space to create a more traditional Jack and Jill bathroom with a classic dual vanity,  browse our range of bathroom furniture and find a few pieces to suit your interior taste. To help narrow down the search, we’ve picked out a few of our favourite fixtures that you may want to consider including in your bathroom.

Coordinating sinks and mirrors

A characteristic feature of most Jack and Jill bathrooms, whether it’s getting ready for the day, or preparing for bed at night, having a dual vanity is the perfect choice for this style of room, as it allows two people to use the bathroom at once. As well as being convenient, having a dual sink area helps to balance the space and bring a central focal point to the room.

Kartell white door unit & basin

Featuring plenty of room for storage, the Kartell white door unit & basin provides a versatile solution for large Jack and Jill bathrooms. With a stunning modern design, this sleek fixture

is also available in a stone grey colourway for those opting for a more contemporary look. This Kartell unit is also a great option for those looking to add two separate sink units in their Jack and Jill bathroom as it provides ample storage in a sleek and compact design.

Kartell standing door unit

For a more compact Jack and Jill bathroom, the Kartell standing door unit measures slightly bigger in size than some of our other standard options and is perfect for filling up some space whilst providing enough storage and sink space for two people. With the increased range of space, each individual will have enough room to store their supplies on the basin, as well as use the extra storage space available in the unit.

Extra storage space

Whilst vanity units provide some storage space, when there are two people sharing the room, we recommend opting for some extra storage to help prevent clutter and create a clear distinction between the individual items of those who share the bathroom.

Each party will likely want to store any number of shower supplies, bath supplies, hair and beauty products, cleaning products and more, therefore, we’ve listed some recommendations for additional storage below:

Kartell purity wall unit

A simple, versatile unit that will blend with almost any interior style, the narrow Kartell purity wall unit helps to conserve space whilst providing enough room to store all the occupants’ bathroom essentials. Leading the way in style and durability, this storage essential is made from high quality MDF and boasts excellent storage capabilities.

Kartell encore laundry unit

Another efficient way to minimise mess, the Kartell encore laundry unit provides a sleek solution to storing your dirty laundry before washing. Providing a contemporary alternative to a classic laundry basket, which may take up valuable floor space in a shared bathroom, this practical unit can be built in with your vanity, or placed near a corner. Alternatively, it can be placed next to a coordinating storage unit for an aesthetically pleasing look that is savvy with space.

Jack and Jill Bathroom Furniture at the Panel Company

Whether you’re looking to design a Jack and Jill bathroom from scratch, or you’re searching for some additional storage solutions to complete your existing space, our bathroom collection has everything you need. With incredible savings across our winter sale, discover up to 50% across selected bathroom furniture for a limited time.

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