Hallway Decor Ideas For A Welcoming Impression

Hallway Decor Ideas For A Welcoming Impression

Your hallway serves as the initial welcome for anyone entering your home, making it the first impression of your house. Often, a hallway is a high-traffic area that acts as the entryway to many areas of your home and as such, it is important that it feels inviting, not just for a homely aesthetic but because a well-thought-out hallway can provide functionality as well.

Whether your hallway is small, narrow, or large, you've come to the right place if you’re looking for modern hallway ideas to give it a revamp. Keep reading our inspirational guide and learn how to make use of the space you have with sleek panels, cosy colours and thoughtful decoration.

How to decorate a small hallway with panels

If you’re working with a narrow space, then you might be worried that panelling for your hallway will make it feel smaller or more cramped. However, panelling actually has the ability to give the illusion of more space especially when using a simple vertical line pattern. The vertical lines work in a way that draws the eye upwards, creating the illusion of a higher ceiling. This will make your hallway seem more spacious and therefore more inviting.

Additionally, when it comes to finding the perfect panels for a small hallway, try to avoid busy patterns as this can make a small space feel overwhelming. Instead, try light colours and subtle textures if you want your hallway to feel more open. Light colours are especially great if you don’t have a lot of natural lighting in your hallway. 

When considering these two design choices, our Vox Motivo Modern Carmel Wood panels are perfect for this, as they boast a simple vertical line design, and will add some neutral light tones and subtle textures to brighten a dark hallway and create a lighter and more airy space.

Lighting is especially important when it comes to decorating. Without natural lighting your hallway may feel dull and closed off, so incorporating light colours will promote a more open-space feel. Another great way to open up a small hallway that lacks natural lighting is with mirror panelling. Mirror panelling can create a visually striking effect that bounces light around and is another effective way to create the illusion of space. For a unique and eye-catching design that is more subtle, you can do this by opting for gloss-finish panels to create a feature wall that can bounce light

Hallway flooring ideas

When creating your dream hallway it’s not just the walls you need to think of, flooring can really make or break a space too. When it comes to panelling the floor of a small hallway the main rule is to place the planks parallel to the widest wall for an elongated look. Our Leven Oak Herringbone SPC Flooring is great for small hallways. With natural light colouring and a warm wooden finish, this oak flooring is the perfect touch for creating a well-rounded, welcoming hallway.

If you’re looking to create a more daring and unique impression with your small hallway, don’t let bland tiles hold you back. Our Pittenweem Victorian Tile SPC Flooring is the perfect blend of bright and bold. With intricate designs and light colours that will lighten up your hallway while giving it a stand-out twist, these tiles are perfect for homeowners looking to add more creative flair to their entryway.

There are also plenty of ways you can decorate a small hallway that goes beyond panelling.  For a small hallway with limited floor space, the focus should be on wall decor. If you have the space, you could create a feature wall using panels. Alternatively, bright artwork and mirrors will help lighten the space and allow you to add your unique flair. You could also consider hanging plants, they’re a great way to bring some nature indoors without taking up any of your floor space.

How to decorate a large hallway with panels

With a large hallway, you may find that the open space makes it feel cold and empty, but the great thing is you’re not limited by what you can do with it. Make the most of the space you have and be as bold as you like. 

Unlike with a small hallway, you can go darker with your colour choices, and you may choose a nice navy blue or an emerald green to create a dramatic impact. However, if you want to create that cosy feeling, then we’d recommend experimenting with different textures. For example, upholstered panels can be used to create an inviting seating area, even when using cool tones. The Vilo Upholstered Panels are a great choice, as they adhere to a dark yet rich colour scheme whilst also adding depth to create more warmth.

Alternatively, if you prefer more natural textures for a minimalist theme, our Decorwall Wood Grain Dark French Elegant Oak is perfect for a large hallway as it incorporates interesting wooden textures with a warm brown colour, helping to bring in the space and minimise the lacklustre feeling that can come with having a large hallway. 

If you’re looking for something with bolder colours and lighter tones our Vox Vilo Motivo Colour Wood is perfect for making a unique statement. It’s great if you’re looking to achieve a bright and airy feel or an artistic aesthetic for your home.

Similarly to small hallways, you’ll also want to consider the flooring of your hallway as you have more space to work with Flooring can make a big impact on the flow and atmosphere of a big space, and if you want to ensure your hallway doesn’t feel too empty, flooring with texture is a great choice. If the options listed above didn’t appeal, our Kilconcuhar Oak SPC Flooring is ideal for bringing some bold textures to your hallway and will pair perfectly with warm tones for an inviting impression.

In terms of large hallway decor ideas, if you want your space to feel less empty, artwork and plants will bring more life to the space and brighten it up. Of course, it’s not all about aesthetics, a small table or console is the perfect addition for some decorative functionality. You can keep your keys, wallets, and sunglasses on them and provide a place for guests to place their belongings. With a large hallway, the more minimalistic the more empty it may seem so if you’re looking to create a welcoming vibe then plenty of decorative pieces can help avoid this. If you have a particularly big hallway that still feels a little bit too empty for your tastes then consider adding some ceiling-to-floor bookshelves to bring in the space and give it a cosy atmosphere.

Creating a seating area in your hallway

If you have the space, consider adding a seating area. There is nothing more welcoming at the entryway to a home than a place to sit down comfortably and take off your shoes. It doesn’t have to be big, it could be as simple as a small bench or stool pressed up against the wall with some cushions, or for larger areas a nice sofa or some comfortable chairs will not only fill some of the floor space for a cosy look but will leave both you and your guests feeling comfortable and welcomed. We’d recommend placing your seating area in front of a feature wall where possible to draw attention to the area and create visual appeal. 

Refresh your hallway with The Panel Company 

If you still need more inspiration, here at The Panel Company we have everything to help you create your dream hallway. You can start by browsing our hallway panel collection which has everything from slat wall panels to wood effects. If you've already picked the perfect panelling for your hallway but need some extra guidance on measuring then you can read through our handy page on how to measure your space for wall panels.


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