How to Transform a Shed into an Office

How to Transform a Shed into an Office

Jan 13, '22

As working from home continues to become a more permanent fixture for homeowners across the UK, there are a number of drawbacks to consider. For example, those working from home may be susceptible to increased noise levels brought on by family members being at home and noise from the street outside, making working in the house a challenge. Luckily, there are a number of solutions to consider. 

For many homeowners, transforming a garden shed into a home office has become a budget-friendly, on-trend solution to working from home. With many homeowners eager to have their own calming space away from everyday household noise, with some effort, converting an old shed into a brand new, distraction-free zone is more achievable than you would think. Whether you’re opting for a clean, contemporary space or a cosy, rustic den, considering how the walls of your new shed-turned-office will look is a top priority.

Go further than a lick of paint and instead opt for stylish, durable wall panels, which our experts believe will result in a productive working space that you’re proud of. 

Here at the Panel Company, we provide an extensive collection of bespoke panels that are guaranteed to last and will allow you to create an organised, smart office space that will boost your productivity. Or, if you’re looking to upgrade a home office that you’ve already converted from a shed, you’ll be pleased to know that our panels can be mounted over existing shed interiors, which will provide the ideal, cost-effective solution. 

No matter what look you want to achieve for your home office, our high-quality range of easy-to-install wall panels will help you get there. Keep reading as we walk you through the best ways to transform an old, rusty shed into a stylish, modern office space, in response to some frequently asked questions, along with our own panel recommendations, to help narrow your search. 

Shed office ideas

How do I turn my shed into a home office? 

First and foremost, it’s important to make a list of all the equipment you wish to bring into the office and plan the layout beforehand, drawing up the different ways you’ll be able to fit the furniture and equipment into it. It’s advisable to take a close look at the current state of the shed before starting the work, as this will help to prevent hazards from occurring later on down the line. If hazards have been identified, list the supplies you’ll need to fix them or seek the most appropriate, professional help, as some of the issues might be too dangerous to fix yourself.

Once ready, ensure the shed is damp-proofed to prevent mould and other issues, before installing insulation, electricity and other essential components. Before you install our long-lasting wall panels, take a look at our expert installation guide to ensure you’re on the right track. 

How much does it cost to convert a shed into an office?

Depending on what you want to achieve, the cost can vary, which is why it’s worth setting a budget beforehand so you’re aware of how much you’ll be spending. And when making a list of the equipment, supplies and help needed, we would recommend budgeting accordingly. Here at the Panel Company, we aim to keep the prices of our PVC wall panels as budget friendly as possible. Whether you’re after a clean, white appearance to your office space or more of a traditional, rustic look, there are panels to suit every taste available at a variety of different price points, so you’re able to prioritise budget in other troublesome areas if need be. 

Shed wall cladding 

Benefits of PVC Wall Panels for a Shed Office 

Here are a few of our favourite benefits of adding these to your newly converted office.

A great advantage of using our PVC panels is they are really easy to clean, which is particularly beneficial in garden sheds, as these can be more prone to attracting insects and gathering dirt than a house. Our handy, straightforward hygienic panel cleaning regime outlines what you’ll need to clean them, which includes a soft cloth and soapy water. 

It’s likely that you’ll be spending a lot of time in your shed-to-office, and if you’ve added appliances such as a kettle or electric heater, there is the possibility of a condensation build-up, particularly on cold days. Luckily, our panels are built to withstand this and, therefore, provide a perfect, fuss-free solution. 

Choosing PVC Panels 

There are a number of factors to consider when choosing PVC panels for your shed office. However, we’ve compiled a useful four-stage guide to help make the process much easier, covering how to choose the right colours, type, size and more. Noting the layout of your shed beforehand will be helpful when it comes to considering how much space you’ll need to cover.

Whatever shed office ideas you have in mind, here at the Panel Company, we can bring it to life with our extensive collection of durable, low-maintenance wall panels. Below, we’ve selected a few panels that we believe are well-suited to sheds that have been converted into home offices. 

Garden shed office ideas

Abstract White PVC Panels

white abstract home office wall panels

For a sleek, contemporary appearance, with an all-round professional feel, opt for our Abstract White interior wall panels. Whether it’s your first time converting a shed into a home office, or you’re on the lookout for a simple yet effective upgrade, these stunning panels include a stylish, satin finish, which replicates the feeling of sitting in a modern, high-rise office in the city. Also available in silver, grey, black and taupe, our abstract panels are designed to suit every taste.

Featuring an abstract, brushed effect, these are the perfect option to create a desirable, 21st-century look, and, as more customers opt for decorative wall boards over traditional tiling, offer an easy-to-clean alternative, with the worries of cleaning grout lines completely eliminated. 

Rustic Brick PVC Wall Panels

rustic grey brick home office wall panels

Our Rustic Brick Wall Panels, available in a traditional red or contemporary, attic-style grey, are an attractive yet highly practical option for any shed office space. Featuring unique properties, these durable, moisture resistant panels are perfect for when it’s cold outside and the heating is switched on, or for when you’re using a kettle, and provide a cost-effective alternative to tiling. 

Whether placed on existing walls or installed onto a completely new surface, these PVC panels are straightforward to install. Finally, if you’re looking for some style inspiration, these decorative wall panels provide the perfect, rustic den appearance when paired with light wooden furniture, LED lights and some small plants to finish off, helping create your dream office space. 

Office shed ideas

Dumapan SMP Valladolid Wall Panels

valladolid light grey home office wall panels

Featuring a timeless, stone-effect, our attractive textured panels 
will be sure to add character to your up-and-coming office space. Or instead opt for masonry grey, masonry beige or the nature effect from this range. Whatever your preference, you can be assured that these unique-looking panels will always be on-trend. 

With a number of highly useful qualities, including insulation and easy upkeep, this interior wall cladding is the ideal addition to any shed-turned-office. Designed with multi-printing technology, these ultra-realistic panels are printed in high resolution, which means quality is guaranteed, and featuring a simple tongue and groove, they are easy to install, even with basic DIY tools.

Klassic Tile Effect Wall Panels

klassic tile effect home office wall panels

Providing a subtle yet sleek appearance, our Klassic Tile Effect Panels are ideal for rooms that feature light furniture and decor, or, you could switch things up with a contrasted effect. Highly practical, these easy-clean cladding panels will provide a great quality appearance, without the stressful maintenance regime that tiles usually require, and their moisture-resistant and water repellent properties make them a long-lasting, durable option, perfectly suited to a shed home office. 

Shed interior wall cladding

Once you’ve decided on your shed interior wall panels, the next step is to ensure they are fitted correctly, carefully following our straightforward installation guide, which includes only the essential tools needed, helping you stay within budget. 

Find shed office ideas at the Panel Company

Whether you’re on the hunt for initial ideas or well into the planning process, discover our extensive range of durable, on-trend wall panels, helping turn your home office goals into a reality. Browse our hand-picked selection of durable wall panels online at the Panel Company, or take a look at our winter sale, which features some of our best-selling PVC panels with 35% off.

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