How to Choose PVC Trims

What is the depth of panel?

This will determine the size of trims you require.

If you are choosing a trim where the panel slots in to the panel (end cap, internal corner, external corner or H trim) an 8mm panel will require an 8mm trim.

This isn't relevant for trims that fit on to the panel such as rigid angle or quadrant as they are universal i.e. a quadrant will fit on to any size of panel 5mm, 8mm or 10mm.
What is the layout of the room?

The layout of your room will determine the type and quantity of trims you require. For example, if you are fitting panels to your whole room we would recommend four internal corner trims.

Factors to consider…
how many internal corners are there?
How many external corners?
Do you have window(s)?
As an example. If your room has four internal corners, two external corners, a window and you are fitting ceiling panels.
You would require:
4 X internal corner trim
2 X external corner trim
2 X rigid angle (for a standard UK bathroom window)
4 X coving (for ceiling - standard UK bathroom size)
The layout of the room determines the type of trim you require. If you go through the options you can then calculate how many you require of each.
What colour trim?
Your choice of panel will point you towards the trim colour. It really does come down to personal preference and the design aesthetic you are working with. Our advice is when selecting the colour of your trim use that same colour throughout the room. Consistency really does make a huge difference.
In PVC you can choose between white, black or silver.
There is an aluminium option to consider as well.
This three step process is a good starting point when choosing trims, please see below a list of common questions.
Q | What type of trim would I use for a ceiling?
A | There are three types; quadrant, coving or end cap. Quadrant can be fitted after you fit your wall and ceiling panels. Coving and an end cap are fitted when you fit your panels.
Q | What type of trim do I use for a corner?
A | Again, there are three types: internal corner, external corner or rigid angle. Internal and external corners are fitted when you fix the panels and the rigid angle is fitted after you fix the panels.
Q | What type of trim do I use for around the bath or shower tray?
A | We always recommend a cladseal trim, this will give you a watertight seal and doesn’t expose any sealant. It offers a very neat finish. Our cladseal installation video can be viewed bellow...