Solvent Free Pink Grip Adhesive C4 Size

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  • Direct Bond Adhesive With Legendary Grabbing Performance
  • The Solvent Free Formula Will Not React With Plastic And Is Ideal To Use With All Our Panels
  • Use Where One Surface Is Porous (Plasterboard, Plastered Walls, Brick, Block, Timber etc)
  • We Recommend Using Half A Tube Per Panel On Installation
  • Product Code PG

Adhesive Quantity
This bottle contains 380ml of adhesive

Method Of Application

  • Cut the Pink Grip nozzle at an angle of 45 degrees to create a clean cut then pierce membrane
  • Apply onto surface using an industry standard sealant gun
  • Apply a 5mm bead of adhesive in a zig zag method along the length of the panel to be fixed
  • Press into place and apply an even pressure onto the entire surface 
  • Leave to dry and cure for 24-48hours

    Note | If gap filling is required - for example panels against an uneven wall, mark the areas where there is a larger gap and apply a thicker bead in these affected areas.