Best Alternatives to Tiles in Bathrooms | The Panel Company

Best Alternatives to Tiles in Bathrooms | The Panel Company

The best tile alternatives for your bathroom

Whether you’re looking into tiles, paint, panels or cement options, whichever wall finish you opt for in your bathroom renovation must be able to withstand the humid environment, water splashes, and steam. When it comes to bathroom walls, many homeowners typically choose tiles when decorating, as they’re hardwearing and water-resistant. However, tiles are not the only option when it comes to bathroom renovation projects, and not always the most practical. If you’re looking for durable tile alternatives, panels are an effective and more affordable solution. 

PVC panels and cladding are perfect if you’re decorating a bathroom on a budget, prefer a low-maintenance and easy to clean style, or you’re looking for a simpler and quicker way to refurbish your bathroom. Keep reading as we discuss some of the best bathroom wall tile alternatives as well as some easy flooring solutions that will transform your space in no time. 

Alternatives to tiles in the bathroom

Using bathroom panels instead of traditional tiles is becoming an increasingly popular refurb option in modern homes due to their affordability, water resistance, overall look, and easy upkeep. They come in a variety of finishes, textures, and colours which means that they can blend into any design aesthetic. No matter if you’re into minimalist aesthetics or maximalist design, there are PVC wall panels suitable for every bathroom or wet room renovation project. 

Because panels are so easy to install and maintain, they can cater to a diverse range of looks. For a robust, textured and industrial design, the Dumawall Plus Dark Cement is an ideal choice that will add some drama. Where natural cement wouldn’t fare well in a wet and humid environment, these PVC tiles can recreate the look with added water-resistant properties.

dumawall+ dark cement wall panel

On the other hand, if you prefer a clean look that is bright and contemporary, the Elegance Mineral Castello panels may be for you. The vertical design can help to give the illusion of higher ceilings as they are large format panels which are not broken up by grout lines, whilst the white background and Cararra marbling offer a sophisticated and elegant feel. 

decorwall elegance mineral castello

However you choose to decorate your bathroom, there is an extensive selection of bathroom wall panels available to help you create your dream home. Browse through our full range of bathroom wall panels for further inspiration.

Alternatives to tiles in the shower

Shower panels can be used to create a focal point or visual intrigue in your bathroom and are effective at adding a unique look, whilst providing a flawless finish. They differ from regular bathroom panels as they are thicker, and therefore are more adept at withstanding the wet and humid environment of the immediate showering area. 


Additionally, thanks to their versatility and ability to be easily cut and installed, there are limitless possibilities when it comes to creating a feature wall. For example, the Grey Herringbone Tile is ideal for those who like the look of ceramic tiles, but the neutral colourway allows them to be paired with many other design features to create an idyllic interior.

premium large grey herringbone tile

For those who prefer a seamless and streamlined look, the Dark Grey Marble Shower Panel could be a more suitable option. These extra wide shower panels lock together with ease to provide a cohesive natural marble look at just a fraction of the cost of genuine marble. This wouldn’t be possible with ceramic tiles as they would require grout, and this would break the illusion of a seamless design. 

large dark grey marble shower panel

Alternatives to floor tiles

Luxury vinyl flooring is a great alternative to ceramic or stone tiles as they provide a much warmer underfoot experience as opposed to their heavier counterparts. Like wall panelling, no grouting is involved in this flooring option so with proper care, your bathroom will be kept in top condition. This type of flooring is durable and resistant to scratches and stains, making it perfect for those with pets or growing families, and it is also more affordable than tile if you’re looking to redesign your bathroom on a budget.


Another advantage of SPC flooring is that there are so many design options available to suit your interior. For example, if you like the look of tiles but don’t want to deal with cleaning the grout or need something more energy-efficient when it comes to heating, an option such as the Eriskay Light Stone SPC flooring may be suitable. 

eriskay light stone SPC flooring

Alternatively, if you prefer the look of a wooden floor but don’t want to worry about wood warping the Kilconcuhar Oak SPC Flooring provides the same aesthetic appeal without the complications and added stress of maintaining real wood. The flooring is also more sound absorbent than wood, laminate, and ceramic tile flooring which means that the acoustics of your bathroom will be softer with less echo.

kilconcuhar oak SPC flooring

These traditional looks are not your only options for flooring as we stock a wide range of classic and contemporary designs to suit all interior design schemes. To find one that is perfect for your project, browse through our full range of SPC flooring

Why choose panels?

There are several reasons outlined in the article to showcase why many homeowners are choosing to use bathroom panels as an alternative to tiles. This ranges from affordability to overall look, but to help you decide whether they’re right for your project, we’ve highlighted some of the most appealing benefits below: 

Panels are fully waterproof

When correctly installed, PVC bathroom panels are completely waterproof. This means that they are also naturally resistant to mould and bacteria build-up, and the plastic will not warp or change shape even with hot water exposure or repeated humidity. As such, they’re also much easier to wipe down once you’ve had a shower which only improves their durability. The SPC flooring will also maintain its shape, without expansion or warping, which in natural wood systems would cause creaking and uneven ground. 

There’s no grouting required

Traditional tiles require grout to fill gaps and seal joints. Whilst grouting is a relatively straightforward task, further problems arise later down the line as grout harbours mould. This means tiles must be properly cleaned and maintained to avoid overgrowth. By choosing wall panels, you will be able to skip the tedium of grouting and have decorative cladding that doesn’t harbour mould and bacteria.

Easy installation

Bathroom wall panels can be fitted over tiles, so there’s no need to take down any existing decor. They are secured using strong adhesives and a tongue and groove locking system which keeps them sealed. This also means that you can take your panels down with ease if you decide to change your interior design scheme in the future. 

Easy maintenance

Resistant to scratches and scuffs, bathroom wall panels can easily be wiped down to remove any residue or watermarks. If you’re tired of scrubbing in between the grout lines, panels are an ideal choice and require much less cleaning. 

Redesign your bathroom with tile alternatives from The Panel Company

If you’re ready to take the leap and move away from using high-maintenance tiles in your bathroom, browse through our full collection of bathroom panels to find design styles that are perfectly suited to your individual taste. Whether you prefer a modern Nordic natural look or an art deco aesthetic, there’s something for every home in our collection.


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