How to Choose PVC Wall Panels

Time for a new bathroom, freshen up the kitchen or add a feature wall?

Where do you start when selecting panels? There are so many colours and styles to choose from. Its a lot easier than you initially think, we have developed this four stage guide to narrow down your choices and help you visualise your perfect new room. 

Colour – You will have a colour theme in mind when designing your room, I would recommend considering…
Are you looking for a flat colour or a pattern?
One colour for the whole room, contrasting colours on opposing walls or a feature wall?

Finish – Are you looking for a gloss, high gloss or matt finish for your panels? This is often overlooked but can change the look of your room significantly with regards to light and reflective surfaces.

Type/Style Of Panel - Hollowcore or solidcore? Decorative panels come in two main types, a hollow panel is just that and the strength comes from the internal ribs. Solidcore panels, look like hollowcore but have a greater density and weight.

Size Of Panel - 250mm, 400mm, 1000mm? There are a bunch range of sizes available; each with a purpose/benefit.

Panel Profile - Are you looking for a flush finish, a flat panel or a V groove on the side or centre of the panel. A flat panel will give you a solid smooth effect whereas a V groove will create a repeat pattern.

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