Bath Sizes Guide: How to Choose a Bath

Bath Sizes Guide: How to Choose a Bath

Jun 20, '22

Whether you’re planning out an entire new bathroom renovation, or are simply looking to upgrade your bath, choosing an appropriate size of bath can be a challenge. As the largest piece of furniture in the room, there are many factors that need to be considered when making your choice, with everything from varying bathroom sizes to the sheer number of bath styles on the market turning the challenge of finding the perfect fit into a daunting task. However, with the correct planning and preparation, the process will be much easier, and you’ll be on the way to finding the perfect bathtub for your dream bathroom in no time.

From built-in to freestanding styles, this blog will help to guide you through the process of choosing a new bath. Join us as we talk you through our top tips to ensure the bath will fit perfectly into your bathroom and alongside existing bathroom furniture and renovation plans. We’ll also provide a guide on the different types of bath sizes and heights so you can find which will suit you best.

Bath Dimensions

Before you start searching for a new bath, it’s important to first measure your bathroom to ensure that the room is able accommodate the bath size you’re aiming for. At The Panel Company, our selection of baths features a range of different dimensions, which can be placed in bathrooms of most sizes.

Being the largest piece of bathroom furniture, it’s worth drawing a rough layout of your bathroom so you’re able to see where the bath will fit. Whether this allows you to realise that you’ve got enough space to hold a freestanding tub, or will need to fit a built-in bath into a smaller area, the range of options on the market means that you’re bound to find one suited to your bathroom. When you’re looking for a bath online, these often have their dimensions listed, but it’s worth double checking the measurements once purchased, or enquiring beforehand, to ensure it will appropriately fit in your bathroom. 

With the practical dimensions accounted for, the next step is choosing the style of bath that best suits your bathroom. For instance, a built-in or corner bath can be placed against the wall of a smaller bathroom or in the corner to save space. Alternatively, for medium to large bathrooms, it might be worth going for a left or right hand bath, which comes in a ‘P’ shape. But if you prefer a different style, you could choose a freestanding bath, which is often placed away from the walls, providing more layout flexibility.

Bath Size

The standard bath size in the UK is 1700mm in length and 700mm in width. At The Panel Company, most of our baths are available in this size, unless the style requires different dimensions. However, it can be difficult to plan out how you’ll fit a standard size bath into your bathroom, particularly if space is tight. But as a general rule, a 1700mm x 700mm bathtub is designed to fit in a standard bathroom, typically measuring around 2.4m x 1.8m. As a guide, here’s a list of the different bath sizes: 

Small Bath Size

Most suited to smaller bathrooms, built-in and corner baths are highly effective space conservers. The built-in options range from 1400mm to 1600mm in length and generally stay the same width at 700mm. However, due to the different style, our corner baths adopt a height of 1500mm and are 1040mm in width. 

If your house has a smaller bathroom, a space saving or shorter bath tends to be the best option. At The Panel Company, we stock a range of small baths that are efficient in conserving space, while complimenting other bathroom furniture. 

Space-Saving Bath

Space Saving Bath

A contemporary style, built-in bath that is made to blend seamlessly alongside other modern bathroom furniture, this space saving tub from Kartell Astley features a sleek, acrylic surface that’s easy to clean. Complete with a white gloss finish, the bath conserves as much space as possible, while maintaining an effortlessly stylish appearance. However, if your household requires a larger bath, the Kartell contact bath range also includes baths with a length of 1500mm, 1600mm and above, so you’re able to find the ideal bath size that will be suited to both your bathroom interiors and budget. 

Short Bath

Short Bath

Featuring a compact, jacuzzi style, the corner bath from the Kartell Formula range is the ideal short bath that can be installed into most smaller bathrooms. Boasting a range of convenient properties, the bath features an inner ledge for enhanced comfort. Available in left and right hand styles, the bath is baseboard encapsulated meaning it offers both strength and durability, and is complete with a 25 year guarantee.

Medium Bath Size 

As discussed, the standard bath size is 1700mm x 700mm. However, if you’re an avid space conserver, at The Panel Company, we sell baths that are close to this in length, allowing you to save that bit more space.

Standard Bath

Standard Bath

Featuring a traditional and contemporary blend, this stylish bath tub is ideal for adding to a bathroom that follows a contemporary and vintage design. Providing an added hint of style, the standard size bath from Kartell is made to complement almost any interior design choices. Designed in a size that is able to fit in most UK standard size bathrooms, the bath features a long and very spacious design, which will allow you to relax and unwind in complete comfort. 

Large Bath Size

The baths we stock that are typically suited to larger bathrooms measure 1800mm x 800mm. Or, if you’re looking for something in-between a standard and a larger size, our Kartell Astley freestanding bath measures 1750mm x 760mm. 

Freestanding Bath

Free Standing Bath

Featuring a slightly larger, more unique style compared to traditional bathtubs, if you’re looking to add a quirky, creative touch to your bathroom, Kartell’s freestanding tub features a classic, Victorian design, blended with a more modern style. Designed from quality acrylic and finished with cast iron feet, the bath provides full flexibility when it comes to bathroom layout, as the versatile design of the product means it blends well placed just about anywhere in the room. 

Standard Bath Height

Although there is no set rule for what the average height of a bath should be, the standard height in the UK is 15 to 20 inches (around 550mm), no matter the length or width. However, when thinking about the height you should choose, it’s important to consider several factors. 

First, the needs of your household. If there are children or elderly people that will be using the bath, the bath you choose shouldn’t be too high. If you’re placing your bath against the wall, you should also consider whether there’s any features in the room that might prevent you from doing so. For instance, if there’s a window in the section you want to install the bath, the area between the floor and the window should be measured beforehand to ensure there will be no overlap. 

Choose a Bath from The Panel Company

From freestanding baths suited to larger bathrooms, to more built-in, compact styles ideal for smaller areas, discover our comprehensive range of bath tubs and bath panels at The Panel Company. Built for optimum style and durability, find a bath to suit the requirements of your bathroom and household from our full collection online. 

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