Bathroom Inspiration: Grey Bathroom Ideas

Bathroom Inspiration: Grey Bathroom Ideas

Jul 19, '22

A challenging yet fun task, designing a new bathroom in your home requires you to make a lot of decisions, both big and small. From looking for bathroom furniture and accessories, to finding the perfect shade for your walls, there’s plenty to be done. For those that are after the sleek, contemporary style for your bathroom, opting for cool greys in your fixtures or wall colour is a tried and tested favourite that never goes out of style. 

So, whether you’re looking for grey bathroom furniture to refresh your current interiors, you’re on the hunt for suitable grey wall or ceiling panels to compliment the cabinets and accessories you’ve already purchased, or you’re taking things a step further and want to completely refresh your bathroom, there are a number of points you’ll need to consider before bringing the grey bathroom of your dreams to life.

Join us as we talk you through some of our favourite grey bathroom ideas, featuring an assortment of grey wall and shower panels, as well as fixtures and furniture. Find out how these can be used to blend seamlessly alongside your existing interiors, or discover how you’re able to start from scratch with a full bathroom upgrade.

Grey Bathroom Inspiration

To help inspire you, we’ve compiled a variety of grey flooring styles, wall panelling and bathroom furniture which we think you’ll love. Alongside a range of our stylish and practical panels that are sure to inspire,  we’ve detailed a number of design tips that are sure to get you creative. 

Grey Bathroom Tiles Ideas

A timeless style that is a welcome addition to any bathroom, tile effect panels are a highly versatile option that can be used to create stunning walls and flooring in each and every loo. Suited to a wide range of design aesthetics, our collection of grey wall panelling features a variety of popular styles. From smaller to larger tiles, varying hues, washed and plain styles, and much more, whether you’re looking for something to work alongside existing bathroom furniture, or you’re searching for panelling that will be part of a complete renovation, browse our favourite products below.

mosaic effect tiling

A popular trend across UK bathrooms, our mosaic effect tiling features a modern-traditional blend. Boasting a timeless, washed out style, along with varying grey hues, these wall panels are best used alongside other light grey panelling, such as our Vox Motivo Modern 3D Sheer panels. And, if you’re looking to achieve a spacious and fresh appearance, these panels are a match made in heaven when paired with white bathroom furniture and accents. Never compromising practicality for style, this smart cladding is 100% waterproof, meaning there’s no grouting and only minimal upkeep needed.

Vox motivo graphite tile effect panels

If you want to feature larger tile options in your grey bathroom design, or are searching for a number of different tile sizes to create a statement effect on your bathroom walls, another perfect modern-traditional option is our Vox Motivo graphite tile effect panels. Boasting a washed, marble effect pattern, these large panels feature a dark grey hue alongside subtle white accents. A highly practical addition to your bathroom, the cladding can be installed without any hassle or stress and is easy to clean.

Eriskay light stone tile flooring
If you’ve already found the perfect tile effect walls and you’re now on the hunt for the perfect floor to compliment the room, our flooring collection has plenty of stylish options to complete your grey bathroom design, such as the Eriskay light stone tile flooring. With a natural and understated appearance, these tiles boast a luxurious blend of subtle grey and white shades which create the perfect contrast when paired with dark grey wall panels. This stylish SPC flooring can also be matched with white furniture to create a light and serene atmosphere.

KlickerFloor Light grey Stone SPC Flooring

If you’re searching for flooring to contrast with lighter walls, as well as dark or wood effect furniture, the KlickerFloor light grey stone flooring provides the ideal solution. This realistic SPC flooring features HD printing to achieve a realistic stone effect, while boasting an extra vinyl layer that makes it a durable, hard-wearing option for use in any bathroom. The underlay of the flooring also means it’s instantly ready to install upon delivery, so you can achieve your bathroom goals in no time at all. 

Small Grey Bathroom Ideas 

If you’re looking for design ideas for a grey bathroom but have a slightly smaller space to work with, there are a number of wall panels and bathroom furniture available at The Panel Company that can cater to smaller bathroom sizes. Read through our top recommendations below and get inspired to create your perfect bathroom. 

Tile effect grey PVC bathroom panels
If you’re looking for a solution for a smaller bathroom or an attic-style loo with a slanted ceiling, the smart tile effect grey PVC bathroom panels provide a stylish and practical addition that can be easily cut to fit any angle. Made to elevate any bathroom, these sleek matt finish tiles are ideal for using alongside contrasting coloured bathroom furniture. Quick to install, mould-free and requiring minimal upkeep, these low-maintenance PVC panels are perfect for those who lead busy lives.

kartell door unit and basin in grey

Looking for some furniture to compliment your bathroom? The Kartell door unit and basin is available in grey or white for a blended or contrasted effect that will suit any contemporary bathroom. Whilst the stunning compact design makes the cabinet ideal for a small grey bathroom, the unit features two doors that make storing all of your bathroom essentials easy.

Grey Modern Bathroom

If you’re looking to achieve an up to date, contemporary style, there’s a number of panels and furniture at The Panel Company that feature a sleek, modern appearance and are suited to just about any bathroom. Often, the walls in modern bathrooms are characterised by a faded look with subtle colourways, alongside square and compact-looking cabinets that add an effortless finish to the room and offer a minimalist appearance.

Mineral chromite panels
If you have a larger bathroom and are looking to achieve a contemporary style, a great way to do this is to use different, contrasting panels in the same bathroom, creating an effect similar to the one pictured above. The mineral chromite panels from the Decorwall Elegance range create a 3D-effect feature, helping to uplift the furniture that it’s placed behind and create an even, spacious look, adding interest with a textured finish. These versatile panels can also be used as an entire installation, though we would only recommend this design approach if your bathroom has enough light coming in to prevent the space from feeling dark..

Carrron oak herringbone flooring

If you’re looking for some flooring to match the dark panels above, why not try the Carron Oak Herringbone Flooring? Structured from a pattern of rectangular planks and featuring a natural, oak appearance that’s incredibly realistic. This flooring is also embedded with antibacterial properties and is highly tough and durable, ensuring your bathroom stays as picture-perfect as possible.

Contemporary grey side unit

An affordable and functional addition to any modern bathroom, the contemporary grey side unit can be easily mounted to the walls, making it the ideal space-saver. With maximum storage capabilities, this functional cabinet is a practical piece of bathroom furniture and can be used to store all your important toiletries. Perfect for maintaining a contemporary style, it’s also finished with a sleek metal handle.

Grey Bathroom Ideas at The Panel Company

From stunning tile effect panels to contemporary style bathroom furniture, there are plenty of grey bathroom ideas to get you inspired at The Panel Company. Built for optimum hygiene and durability, find grey bathroom walls and furniture to suit your individual taste from our full collections online.

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