Bathroom Wall Panel Ideas

Bathroom Wall Panel Ideas

Jan 12, '21

When selecting wall panels for your bathroom there are many things to consider, one of the biggest questions fielded in the beginning stages of a bathroom renovation is ‘what style should I go for?’ Whatever stage you are at in your bathroom project, this blog aims to help and to inspire you with your selection. Keep reading whilst we take you through bathroom wall paneling ideas. We will go through the 9 Main Styles of wall panels, and display bathroom designs that can be easily achieved with our easy to install wall panels.

Contemporary Wall Panels

Our contemporary collection can transform any room with a modern interior style, our broad collection reflects current trends, with a mix of matt and gloss finishes. Showcased predominantly are our grey panels, a current trending decor style, one key aspect of grey is that grey tones can make a bathroom feel larger, calmer and cooler. With our collection of contemporary panels comes neutral elements to create a polished and fresh bathroom interior. 

contemporary wall panels

Tile Effect Wall Panels

If you are used to tiles and are wanting the same look our tile effect panel collection offers the timeless look of tiles without the work. All of our tile effect wall panels come complete with grout line without the heavy cleaning regime that a traditional grout line comes with. Our tile effect panels come in varying colours from grey, beige to white.

tile effect wall panels

Brick Effect Wall Panels

Our brick effect panel collection can be used in both a domestic and commercial bathroom renovation project. Brick wall panel designs provide a fantastic solution of 3D, raw, authentic, unique and a current trending design aesthetic. Whether you're looking to add a rustic effect to a modern home, or you're simply looking to inject some character back into your living space - our Brick Effect PVC Panels provide endless interior solutions. When styled with precision and detail this wall panel design creates a rustic stylish space which has real character.

brick effect wall panels

Marble Wall Panels 

Our marble collection will help you to achieve a modern interior design. A combination of neutral shades, pearly whites and greys, our marble panels add a touch of sophistication and will brighten up your bathroom. Our marble wall panels offer a real effect of marble without the expense, due to their flush fitting mechanism providing a seamless finish.

marble wall panels

Mosaic Wall Panels

Designed with the intention of elevating a bathroom area our mosaic effect panel collection is ideal for wetroom and bathrooms. Mosaic Bathroom Cladding can instantly transform your bathroom to give it an elegant look. The mosaic wall panels provide a textured feel which make them a real favourite with our customers. Our small mosaic Decorwall panel tile design are complete with a 'V' Groove bevelled edge fit, ensuring an added textural feature - your bathroom will stand out from the crowd! These wall panels aren't only for your bathroom though - with the easy fitting, low maintenance and insulation benefits of modern panels they are applicable to any room in the house including the kitchen area.

mosaic-effect panels

Stone Wall Panels

Our stone effect panel collection offers a stylish and modern easy to install alternative to tiles. With a selection of textured stone to concrete effects our collection provides striking stone effect wall panels. You can achieve a natural look that will make your bathroom interior stand out from the rest.

stone effect wall panels

Wood Effect Wall Panels

If you are looking for an alternative bathroom interior then our wood panelling collection might just be what you are looking for. These panels are commonly installed as a contrast panel within the setting of many modern designs and bathroom finishings, our wood effect panels offer a sleek authentic wood feature that will make your bathroom stand out.

wood effect wall panelling

Mineral Wall Panels

You can accomplish a realistic mineral wall, with our mineral collection offering a range of elegant high quality mineral finishes. This style of wall panel compliments both traditional and modern bathroom interiors, finish with neutral tones and you can easily achieve the mineral raw authentic look of a mineral design with our wall panels.

mineral effect wall panels

Sparkle Wall Panels

Our sparkle wall panel collection provides a touch of glam to your bathroom interior, an incredibly popular panel amongst our customers, our sparkle panel collection offers varying degrees of sparkles to any bathroom interior. You can either install to provide a sparkly backdrop to a display or as a feature or accent wall in a bathroom. The range of colours and variety of sparkle options means that you are spoiled for choice and will definitely find the wall panel that suits the decor of your bathroom. 

sparkle wall panels 

Bathroom wall panelling is a great solution for any bathroom refurbishment project, due to ease of installation, affordability and overall look, our wall panels will add style to your home interior whether you are doing a complete bathroom renovation or a simple refresh. Still undecided? Simply get in touch with one of our wall panel specialists to discuss your renovation project further. Alternatively explore our 'Inspirations' galleries where you can shop panelling by style, colour and room.

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