Bathroom Trends for 2024

Bathroom Trends for 2024

Nov 6, '23

No longer does the bathroom simply serve a utilitarian purpose, but it is an area of the house that shouldn’t be overlooked when it comes to aesthetics and interior design. Most people begin and end their day in the bathroom, therefore creating a relaxing environment is essential to evoke a homely feeling. In addition, creating a bathroom space that is cohesive with the rest of your interior design scheme helps to bring your home together, bringing character and charm to your space.

Suppose your bathroom is full of outdated trends and you’re looking for some inspiration for redecoration or remodelling. In that case, we’ve compiled this list of trending bathroom styles for 2024 to help you create a space that reflects your personal preferences. Keep reading to discover bathroom wall ideas and colour schemes to help refresh your home.

Marble effect tiles

Marble effect tiles have been extensively used in interior design schemes over the years as they can offer a refined and sophisticated look. Since monochromatic colour schemes have been popular, many have opted for white tiles with black marble to decorate their bathroom. However, this can create a clinical look and interior designers have sought to shift away from these tiles in favour of more colourful or bold options.

If you prefer to stick to the monochromatic scheme, create a bold visual piece with a black marble shower panel. Dark bathrooms are a popular trend for 2023 after all, and by using these panels on just one wall you can create a statement whilst still adhering to a black and white palette. We suggest pairing this panelled wall with different colours and textures to incorporate more trending bathroom styles.

Large Black Marble Shower Panel

If you’re looking for marble bathroom styles that have more colour, the mochaccino matt shower panel may be perfect for you as it incorporates a perfect blend of earthy tones to create a visual appeal that retains a sophisticated look. The marble effect and the pop of natural colours are both trending styles that are quickly becoming popular in the interior design world. Alternatively, for an in-between option that is neither too bold nor too subtle, the ocean marble panel offers a refined and relaxed aesthetic which is easy to pair with a variety of colour schemes when it comes to your accessories.

Premium Large Mochaccino Marble Matt Shower Panel

Earth tones & natural colour schemes

Neutral tones are certainly popular with interior design schemes and they’re perfect for the bathroom as they help to evoke more relaxed feelings which can create a spa-like experience if desired. Many people who use earth tones prefer a minimalist style, but this doesn’t have to mean that your bathroom needs to lack colour or accessorisation if you wish to enhance visual appeal.


Using panels such as the Vox Motivo Marmo in Honey Marble is ideal for use when covering one or multiple walls, as the textured effect helps to create depth without the use of additional accessories. This is perfect for creating a minimalist style or a base for a more maximalist design approach. As other earth tones such as greens, blues, and burgundy options are becoming increasingly popular, these panels can be paired with other tiles, paint, or themed accessories and plants to create a nature-inspired palette that is easy on the eye and fits in with current trending bathroom styles.

Incorporating just a pop of natural colour is another sought-after bathroom style. One of the best ways to do this is by creating a feature wall either in the shower or where the sink is located. Using a panel such as the astra stone is a surefire way to add visual intrigue to a bathroom without relying on bold colours or elaborate design features.

Premium Large Astra Stone Gloss Shower Panel

Fine art bathroom wall ideas

Many of us will choose to add some form of artwork to our living rooms, bedrooms, and even kitchens. However, bringing art into the bathroom as a design feature is changing perceptions of interior design schemes. Where most people will opt for botanical motifs in the form of tiles, there are plenty of other art styles available to create an eye-catching focal point that appeals to your inner artist.

Vox Kerradeco Art Kit

The Vox Keradeco Art wall panel provides a truly unique design feature that allows you to place a beautiful art piece directly onto your wall. This type of customisation is not only visually appealing but shows that a thoughtful space has been created far removed from the solely utilitarian aspect which is commonly seen in many bathrooms. We expect to see an increased use of art and motifs on bathroom walls in 2024, so if you’re looking to get ahead of the trend this is the panel for you.

Geometric bathroom wall ideas

Geometric patterns are a popular choice for those who want lots of character when it comes to their bathroom walls or floors. They’re ideal for maximalist styles, but can also be used to create focal points without being overbearing when it comes to the rest of your design scheme. We expect to see an increased use of geometric motifs in 2024, particularly on bathroom walls as either a splashback or a feature wall.

Vox Vilo Motivo Modern Patchwork

Don’t be fooled by thinking that geometric patterns have to match up to create a larger design piece, mismatched pairings can be just as, if not more effective. Geometric designs don’t have to be high-contrast and bold if that isn’t your preferred style, however. For example, the Vox Vilo Motivo patchwork panels showcase a dramatic and striking look that is suited to bold aesthetics and retro themes, whereas the Dumawall Plus Vinta panels offer a more subtle contrast that sports a textured and contemporary style for a refined look.

Herringbone designs & micro tiles

Of course, bold and dramatic is not for everyone. As such, one of the more popular themes in bathroom interiors that value simplistic design features is the use of herringbone patterns or micro tiles. In some cases, both of these things can be combined to encapsulate a perfect blend of chicness and sophistication.

Premium Large Grey Herringbone Tile Shower Panel

A simple white herringbone panel can offer a lot, providing an ideal backdrop for bolder units or furniture. Whereas a textured grey herringbone panel can be combined with other materials to provide a stunning bath panel or feature wall. Micro herringbone tiles are particularly well suited to sink splashbacks and decorative strips, a design feature that we can expect to see more of in 2024. 

 Additionally, as mentioned above, designers are keen to move away from monochrome colour palettes. However, since the herringbone trend is going nowhere any time soon, we predict that coloured herringbone feature walls will be a popular choice in the years to come. The navy herringbone bathroom wall panel makes an excellent example of this, by creating a striking, yet not overpowering backdrop for a bath or shower area.

Textured bathroom walls

Finally, textured wall panels and tiles are appearing more commonly within modern bathroom styles. They add depth and often bring urban or earthy aesthetics to an interior, and bring the trend of exposed brickwork to the next level by incorporating a range of colours and textures. 

Premium Large Natural Stone Pennine Shower Panel

The natural stone pennine shower panel is a perfect blend of many of the design trends listed in this article, complete with a micro-tile look, earth tones, and textures. It boasts versatility in its design, allowing you to create the trending bathroom of your dreams. With a shift towards warmer colours and matte-finish design schemes becoming increasingly popular, textured feature walls will become one of the most sought-after bathroom trends over the next year.

Implement 2024 bathroom trends in your home with The Panel Company

Whether you’re looking for bathroom panel ideas or complete inspiration for a remodelling project, browse through a range of shower panels suitable for use in this room of the house. The Panel Company offers a wide range of styles to suit all preferences, no matter whether you prefer a sparkly gloss finish or an earthy matte look, there’s something for every home.

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