Wall Paneling For Every Room In The Home

Wall Paneling For Every Room In The Home

Jan 21, '21

Looking to add a unique look to your bedroom? Or maybe you are giving your home office a fresh new look, well we have all the greatest wall panels available for any room in the interior of your home. All of our wall panels are suitable for use throughout the home - not just the bathroom! Our wall panels can be applied to any surface, even your existing tiles. Tiles are cold, cause condensation and require grout that can discolour and harbour bacteria and mould. Our panels are warmer, cleaner and free of condensation. Once installed, they require no further maintenance and will look as good as the day they were installed for years to come. Our collection of high-quality robust wall panels come in various sizes, colours and patterns. 

Our selection of textures, patterns and colours are perfect for adding a feature wall to another room. Below we have outlined a few ideas of where our panels can be used other than the bathroom.

Living Room Wall Panels  

When wall panels are installed in a living room they make for a great feature wall. This is perfect if you want a realistic brick effect in your room whether it be a for a feature wall or a chimney breast it offers an ultimate alternative to real brick. With the insulating properties of our wall panels (due to their material) they offer a warmer effect as opposed to having real stone cold brick, whilst maintaining the aesthetic of brick. Take a look at our range of feature wall panels if you are looking to upgrade your existing living space.

Kitchen Wall Panels  

Traditionally the only option you have in your kitchen is to tile and maybe paint or wall paper if you have a spare wall. Unfortunately this limits the designs and patterns you can use. However when installing wall panels in your kitchen you can select from a wide selection of styles and textures. The options truly are endless! To make sure that you find the right wall panel to suit your kitchen make sure you order your free samples so that you can see the panels in-situ. You can even use the panels behind your countertops as kitchen splash backs instead of tiling, they make for great kitchen splash backs due to their ease of cleaning - you can finally say goodbye to the rigorous cleaning regime that comes with cleaning tiles. Our panels are fire retardant so they can be used as a splash back so long as you have glass in front of your hob. Install wall panels in your kitchen area to create a unique and contemporary design - Browse our kitchen wall panels for inspiration.

Bedroom Wall Panels  

You can introduce simple updates into your bedroom with our easy to install wall panels for an instant refresh. When installing wall panels in your bedroom they offer a great alternative to traditional decorating methods such as painting and wall papering, this is due to their longevity and ease of cleaning, unlike with wall paper or paint - if coffee is spilt on the wall you can simply wipe clean without damaging the surface. There truly will be no need for re-decoration for years to come. Browse our collection of bedroom wall panels now to create a truly unique interior style in your bedroom.

Bedroom Wall Panelling

Home Office Wall Panels  

Due to the current climate, a lot of people are working from home. When working from home its always good to have space away from usual distractions. If you are lucky enough to have a spare room available you may be looking to give it a little makeover on a budget. Our panels not only help create that perfect space but also flatten any irregular wall, no need for specialist trades...the perfect DIY project. Our collection of home office wall panels will give your workspace at home feel that tailored look.

Home Office Wall Panels

Here at The Panel Company we supply thousands of happy returning customers every year. We have a dedicated customer service team with many years' experience ready to advise on selection, quantity, fitting and maintenance. If you have any enquiries please contact us via telephone on 01709 828339 or email us at | info@panelcompany.co.uk

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