How to style a PVC feature wall

PVC Feature Wall Panels

Decorating your own home can be a difficult task, with seemingly small decisions such as choosing a colour scheme turning into hours of confusedly comparing colour samples that all look the same. For the most part, these struggles come down to that classic issue of staring at a blank page and not knowing where to start. To avoid that familiar indecisiveness, we suggest using the starting point of a feature wall to guide your decision making.

Beyond simply being an excellent tool to get you going on your decorating plan, PVC feature walls are a great, inexpensive way to introduce a bit of interest into a room. Deciding on a style and colour for your feature wall will guide the rest of your decision making, allowing you to create a beautiful, eye-catching space in no time.

Getting Started

Before you reach for your decorating tools and clear out your furniture, you have to know where you’re going to be creating your feature wall panels, with the first and most obvious question being what room will it be in? While the usual choices are a bedroom or living room, feature walls can be utilised to accentuate other rooms too. While small rooms should be avoided as feature walls can run the risk of making them seem even smaller, there are some circumstances in which you can really improve the wow factor of a space, with spacious hallways and offices being prime examples. 

With your room in mind, the next step is choosing which wall should be a feature wall built with PVC cladding. This decision is all about finding the natural focal point of a room and accentuating it. Taking a bedroom as an example, the eyes automatically rest on the bed, so the feature wall should be directly behind the headboard. Similarly, for a living room, the best place to draw the eye is to the mantle or TV wall. If you go against the natural focal point, your eye won’t know where to rest, creating an uncoordinated atmosphere in the room as a whole.

Once you’ve figured out the best wall to utilise as an accent wall, your next step is settling on a style. This can be a daunting decision to make at first, especially if you aren’t familiar with interior design trends, so, to help you out, we’ve made a list of our favourite styles that can all be recreated using our PVC feature wall panels

PVC Feature Wall Ideas

What kind of style you choose for your accent wall will depend on a number of things, but the most important element to consider is your own personal taste - you need to know you’ll like your wall, it’ll be in your house after all! One way to do this is to try to match your current aesthetic or style, or you could take the opportunity to totally revamp your style, just be prepared to work on styling the rest of your room to match.

Brick Feature PVC Panels

Characterful and creative, brick feature walls are becoming increasingly popular thanks to the interesting, almost old fashioned aesthetic they create. Of course, unless you’re a professional interior designer with some pretty in-depth experience in building, you can't be expected to create a real brick wall within your home. Instead of tearing down your walls, why not use our incredibly easy to install PVC Rustic Red Brick Wall Panels? With a high definition 3D effect print, these faux brick panels allow you to achieve a rustic, cosy feel in any room, without having to bring out the heavy machinery.

Red brick feature wall

Industrial Style PVC Panels

A style that has been growing in popularity recently, especially for bedrooms and kitchens, is the industrial style. Recognised by its preference for exposed metal pipes and concrete walls, a feature wall is the perfect way to introduce this style into your own home. Just as you can’t be expected to tear away your plastering and restore the original base layers of your house in order to achieve the perfect brick wall, those with concrete walls shouldn’t be making any grand renovation plans just yet. With our Kerradeco Loft Concrete Wall Panels, the industrial look is easily achieved thanks to the tongue and groove mechanism enabling you to simply apply adhesive and slot the panels into place. You’ll be a master of the industrial look in no time!

Concrete feature wall panels

Wood Effect PVC Panels

When it comes to creating a wood effect feature wall in your home, there are so many directions to go in. If your personal preference is a clean, contemporary room we would suggest opting for the Vilo Motivo Modern Sunny Plank which, with its primarily beige colouring, can be styled easily into most colour schemes. Alternatively, for those that prefer a room with a beautiful, classy atmosphere, the Motivo Antique Wood Panels are perfect for bringing that sophisticated look.

wood effect pvc wall panels

Tile Effect PVC Panels

Perfect for creating eye-catching kitchens and beautiful bathrooms, a tile effect wall panel is an easy way to create a feature wall that is both stylish and functional. Try accentuating your space with the Vilo Motivo Modern Patchwork PVC Panels for example! This beautiful cladding is simple to install and, particularly useful for kitchens and bathrooms, it's also incredibly easy to wipe clean. Match the light and dark grey tones with a pop of colour on your other walls for a coordinated look that will definitely draw some attention.

Tile effect feature wall panels

Block Colour PVC Panels

While not included in our Feature Wall Collection of panels, there’s nothing stopping you from creating a simple block colour feature wall in your home. Particularly useful for styling a smaller room without overpowering the space, block colours offer a classic, understated look that can be easily styled to match your existing furniture. One of our favourites for this look is the Dark Grey Shimmer Wall Panels which, with its eye catching high-gloss finish, instantly creates a grey feature wall that is ultra-modern.

Block colour feature wall panels

Feature Wall Cladding at The Panel Company

Decorating doesn’t have to be difficult and, with PVC wall panels from The Panel Company, you’ll be able to transform your space in no time. Still not sure what style to go for? Take a look through our beautiful collection of Feature Wall Panels or shop according to room and see if anything catches your eye.


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