Bathroom Wall Panels - Frequently Asked Questions

Bathroom Wall Panels - Frequently Asked Questions

Jan 12, '21

In this blog we answer the most frequently asked questions we field about our bathroom wall panels. We hope this blog will help you make the right decision in choosing and fitting your wall panels.

Are wall panels watertight?

They sure are. Providing they have been installed correctly Both our wall panels and flooring will provide a waterproof seal. These make the perfect alternative for the likes of tiles (as they are much easier to clean too!). see our fitting guide to ensure you get the best fit possible and ensure your panels are waterproof.

Can I install bathroom panels myself?

Of course, you can, wall panels offer a DIY easy fitting. Panels do not require any special tools and all the trims and adhesives are available on our website. You can visit our page on installing panels here. If you are still uncertain or are simply not wanting to install them our customer service can always help recommend a specialist fitter in your area.

Panels in the workplace?

Of course, we have already sold many panels to workplace customers from care homes to car dealerships. Our panels offer an easy to clean robust finish suitable for various workplaces. If you are still not sure you can chat with our customer service about your needs and we will be able to recommend the best options to suit your needs.

Depth of the wall panel - Does it matter and when is it applicable?

We recommend various sizes of panels. This is dependent on what your needs are as well as where you are fitting the panels. For example 5mm to 8mm is recommended for ceilings. See below a quick guide which will help you choose the correct width though unless you are replacing panels there is not a right or wrong answer.

5mm Panels

  • Easiest to install, with these panels being thin they are more flexible and easier to manoeuvre
  • Can be installed onto ceilings and surrounding walls
  • Thinner depth panels means the smallest intrusion on your bathroom or room - perfect for smaller rooms
  • Reduced thickness is perfect for going over existing tiles or old wall panels
  • Usually lower cost than thicker panels
  • Perfect for the first time DIYer

8mm Panels

  • Like 5mm these panels can also be used on the ceiling, it is important to remember that any depth of panel larger than 8mm is suitable for the ceiling
  • 8mm are stronger and more robust than 5mm panels but more manoeuvrable than a 10mm depth wall panel, resulting is a good panel to instal for a first time DIYer
  • Usually have a wider range of designs and unique patterns available

10mm Panels

  • Thickest depth panel in the range
  • Offers the most robust and impact-resistant panels. Perfect if you need the most robust option available

What does a tongue and groove bathroom wall panel mean?

Tongue and groove is the name given to the design the panels use to stay together. One panel contains a tongue on one side and a grove on the other these clip together like the image below with a line of silicone inside the grove. The tongue and groove interlocking mechanism allows for a completely watertight finish.

We hope these frequently asked set of questions help you better decide the best panels for your project. If you have any further questions simply get in touch with our on hand team of wall panel specialists.

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