Choosing Your Bathroom Wall Panels

Choosing Your Bathroom Wall Panels

Jan 8, '21

Time for a new bathroom, freshen up the kitchen or add a feature wall to a chosen room?

Where do you start? Well if you've found yourself on our site we guess you have considered wall panels as an alternative to tiles, wallpapering and paint. The unique thing about panels is that you have such a wide range to choose from. But don't worry not only do we offer free samples on all our panels we have also narrowed it down into four simple steps. 

Colour – No doubt you already have a colour in mind, Whether it is a flat colour or a pattern we are pretty sure we will have something to suit you. 

Finish – You might not realise but we have multiple finishes available depending on your preference. Are you looking for a gloss, high gloss or matt finish for your panels? This is often overlooked but can change the look of your room significantly with regards to light and reflective surfaces.

Type/Style Of Panel - Hollow Core or solid core? Decorative panels come in two main types, a hollow panel is just that and the strength comes from the internal ribs. Solid core panels, look like hollow core but have a greater density and weight. both are extremely durable and offer a perfect robust finish 

Size Of Panel - 250mm, 400mm, 1000mm? We have a range of sizes available; each with a purpose/benefit. We have panels suited to bathrooms and shower trays, as well as panels that are more suited to feature walls. 

Panel Profile - Are you looking for a flush finish, a flat panel or a V groove on the side or centre of the panel. A flat panel will give you a solid smooth effect whereas a V groove will create a repeat pattern. We also have panels that can mimic grout lines do give you that perfect finish without the mess. 

Fitting: Fitting is fairly simple we have a guide available too


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