The Benefits of 3D-Effect Wall Panels

The Benefits of 3D-Effect Wall Panels

Jan 4, '21

Looking for cost-effective alternatives to traditional tiling that are likely to catch a visitor’s eye? 

Our impressive collection of 3D-effect wall panels are sure to fit the bill. Offering customers the unique ability to transform a space and lend an artistic favour to a room - these innovative panels are not only favoured for their aesthetic appeal, but also for their functional attributes. Easy to install, cost-effective and a low maintenance way to enhance a renovation project, keep reading as we walk you through the many benefits of 3D-effect wall panels here at The Panel Company. 

Whether you’re looking to install a range of 3D wall panels as a standalone feature wall in a commercial space, or you’re merely interested in a range of PVC panels that can upgrade an existing living space - we’re here to help you bring the best out of your interiors. Offering guidance on how best to fit 3D-effect panels, how to maintain them and answering other questions we’re often asked as one of the UK’s biggest PVC panel suppliers, we’re here to help you understand 3D-effect wall panels and demonstrate how to use them to your advantage.

Starting with the age-old question: 

What are 3D-Effect Wall Panels? 

Using clever grading techniques and textures, 3D-effect wall panels give your walls a 3-dimensional finish, completely elevating the atmosphere of a space with minimal effort involved. Designed to act as a feature wall, hide wall imperfections, or to simply breathe life into a living space that has seen better days, 3D-effect wall panels allow customers to build on textures using clever illusion techniques, whilst the panels remain completely flat - to make installation as effortless as possible.

Available in a complex collection of styles and designs complete with striking textures - whether you envision a true-to-life brick wall in your living space, finished with crumbling concrete and different coloured characteristics to truly replicate a traditional feel, or you’re looking to install a brushed concrete wall in your wetroom to build on a modern atmosphere, whatever your preference, we’re confident our collection of 3D wall panels at The Panel Company has a style to reflect your needs. 

Our dedicated team of panel specialists regularly take the time to listen to customer feedback, which is why we’re proud to offer a wide range of premium, high-quality PVC panels, as we know no two customers interior goals are the same.

3d effect wall panels

How do you fit 3D wall panels?

On the surface, 3D-effect wall panels can appear daunting, particularly as complex patterns or textures may seem like a difficult task to line up correctly, but it really isn’t that complicated at all. To make installation as easy as possible, most of our PVC panels are sold as large vertical panels, instead of smaller panels which may be difficult to align. Here at The Panel Company, we pride ourselves on giving our customers the satisfaction of completing renovation projects by themselves, which is why we’ve also created our easy How to fit PVC panels guide, which could see you completing a modern 3D panel wall installation in as little time as a spare day off, or a free weekend. 

Our range of hard-wearing 3D-effect wall panels, unlike other traditional types of wall decoration materials, negate the need to worry about exposed grout lines or other installation remnants, as the majority of our panels hold tongue and groove fixtures - that quickly slot together to create an excellent finish as easy as slotting two pieces of a puzzle together. 

3D-effect Wall Panels VS 3D Panels

While there are plenty of advantages for both variations of panels, we may be biased - but 3D-effect wall panels offer plenty of additional benefits, which are particularly useful for those with limited space, or tight renovation budgets. Textured 3D Panels are sculpted to offer real textures, which often means that these textured panels stand out against a wall, which can cause space complications and leave you a lot more restricted with interior plans. For example, 3D panels in a kitchen would restrict a customer’s plans to add shelving systems, or a dining table close to the wall - whereas 3D-effect wall panels can easily hold shelving and since they offer the illusion of a textured wall whilst remaining perfectly flat, dining tables, chairs or any other furniture can be placed against the wall effortlessly in any living space.

Due to the very nature of 3D panels requiring a lot of rendering which are typically 3D printed to create obscure textures and shapes, these often come hand in hand with a hefty price tag. Whereas 3D-effect wall panels allow customers to replicate a similar, striking effect, at a much more affordable price point - particularly useful if you’re planning on creating a large feature wall, as this may quickly rack up in cost in comparison. 

While both offer incredible textures that are sure to grab the attention of any guests, our attractive range of PVC panels offer a lot more durability than most traditional counterparts, which is why a lot of our panels also come with a 10-year guarantee, which is much longer than similar products on the market. Providing customers with both security and confidence to meet their renovation goals and enjoy plenty of years of satisfaction. 

3D-Effect Wall Panels at The Panel Company

From 3D-effect wall panels mimicking a tiled look to mosaics, wood textures and more - whatever your interior goals, our incredible range of internal wall cladding at The Panel Company is sure to be of satisfaction. Give your home or commercial space a designer feel with a 3D feature wall or opt for one sculpted-effect panel to embellish a space and create impressive texture. However you envision installing panels in your home, we have an incredible range available in an assortment of colourways to reflect your needs. View our full range of PVC 3D panels online at The Panel Company, or simply get in touch with one of our panel specialists to discuss your renovation project further.

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