The Panel Company Welcome's Decor Walls & Flooring Customers to Our Store

The Panel Company Welcome's Decor Walls & Flooring Customers to Our Store

Jan 16, '23

Decor Walls & Flooring Limited is pleased to announce a rebrand of the company. Previously operating under both and, the stores have been combined to The Panel Company, trading under one website,

The rebrand comes as The Panel Company expands its physical presence in areas across the UK, with a showroom opening in Bristol this month, in an effort to make the company’s offering more clear to its customers.

The Panel Company Founder, Harry Cross, say’s:

“We have decided that one clear brand is the right way forward and we have decided that it will be The Panel Company. The website is Tidying up this dual-branding issue has long been our objective and now, as we open our new Panel Company showroom in Bristol, and move to our next exciting stage of development the timing seemed right.”

The Decor Walls & Flooring website has closed, but all the same products can be accessed on The Panel Company website. Current Decor Walls & Flooring stores have been brought in-line with the change, with all signage rebranded and all physical stores remaining open for business.

Decor Walls & Flooring has not closed down, but instead merged with The Panel Company to bring one comprehensive bathroom supply solution to its customers. As a result of the merger, The Panel Company plans to immediately implement more
competitive pricing on its website. This is possible due to the streamlining of the business which means that cost savings can be passed on to customers.

The Panel Company is the UK’s largest suppliers of wall panelling and offers the largest selection of wall and shower panels, feature-wall panels & ceiling panels. If you would like to learn more about this rebrand change please get in touch with us by phone on 01709 828339 or email us at

Decor Walls & Flooring Customer FAQ'S

What does this mean for me as a customer?
You can still access all the same products you have been able to access on Decor Walls & Flooring on our Panel Company website -

Will all company contact details be the same?
All of our customer service numbers will remain the same - however you can begin to contact us by email at 

What about my statutory rights & existing order with Decor Walls & Flooring?
You will still receive any order placed through Decor Walls & Flooring and all product warranty, customer service and returns will be provided by The Panel Company, please keep any existing order number handy.

How will this affect pricing?
You will instantly see cheaper competitive pricing on The Panel Company website, this is thanks to the streamlining of the business and the movement to one brand, this means that we can pass on cost savings to you the customer.

Will I still be able to order?
You will still be able to buy from the Decor Walls & Flooring website until early January, after this you will be able to order from our Panel Company website - simply add items to your cart and create a new customer account.

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