How to do a budget bathroom makeover | The Panel Company

How to do a budget bathroom makeover | The Panel Company

Oct 2, '23

Budget bathroom makeover: how to do a cheap bathroom renovation

As most people spend a significant amount of time in the bathroom carrying out personal care routines, it’s important to have a bathroom that’s both functional and provides an appealing environment suited to your favoured home interior style. 

However, with soaring prices, completing an affordable bathroom upgrade can seem like a real challenge. We’re here to help and explain how doing this on a budget is completely achievable when planned out carefully. Read on as we discuss a number of clever budget bathroom ideas and product suggestions that can help to greatly improve your bathroom interior.

How much does a bathroom renovation cost? 

Besides rising prices, the cost of your bathroom renovation is also dependent on other factors, such as the size of your bathroom and the scale of the work you’re planning to carry out. As a result, we would recommend making a list of the updates you wish to make in order to help you map out an attainable budget that aligns with this. This may include whether you simply wish to decorate and revamp, or whether you want to fit a whole new suite.

Planning work in advance gives you something to stick to and gives a clear overview of the costs involved. After all, it can be easy to get carried away and spend over your budget if you don’t have a solid plan in place. 

How can I replace my bathroom cheaply?

If you’re looking at ways to replace all, or most, of your bathroom fixtures without breaking the bank, although this is achievable on a budget, we would recommend keeping your bathroom plumbing in the same place. This is because as soon as you change the arrangement of toilets, baths, showers or sinks, this requires the existing pipework to be moved around, which can significantly ramp up the cost of the renovation. The average cost of plumbing a bathroom in the UK cited by Checkatrade is £3,250.

Installing new bathroom facilities, in the same place as the previous ones can make this more affordable. Although you may still need to factor in the cost of hiring a professional to fit these for you, this can still help to cut down on costs as the labour work required will be less.

Budget bathroom ideas

Whether you’re looking to carry out a full renovation of your bathroom or complete a few smaller upgrades, there are a number of ways to carry out an affordable bathroom makeover on bathrooms big or small. From choosing more affordable walls and flooring that are equally as versatile and hard-wearing as their more expensive counterparts, to completing cost-effective upgrades to smaller fixtures, take a look at our range of budget bathroom solutions below. 

Use wall panels instead of tiles

PVC wall panels provide a cheaper and equally durable solution to traditional tiling. 100% waterproof, this functional cladding is ideal for installing in high-moisture environments. This can also be installed quickly and easily by yourself using our step-by-step easy wall panel installation guide, helping you save on the cost of hiring a professional to install them for you. Featuring a premium design that is easy to maintain, PVC panels only require soap, water and a sponge or cloth to maintain. Panels provide the option to choose from a selection of different patterns, colours and styles without having to spend more. We’ve picked out some of our favourite panels below to help inspire your renovation.

Stone Graphite Tile Effect Shower Panel

Our stone graphite bathroom panels replicate a tile effect without the demanding maintenance regime required by traditional tiles. Featuring a contemporary, minimalist design, this sleek grey panelling creates a versatile addition to any modern bathroom. Depending on your preference, this can also be easily fitted either horizontally or vertically. 

Switch to more cost-effective flooring

Another cost-effective alternative to traditional bathroom floor tiles is SPC flooring. Similar to our range of PVC panels, this convenient flooring is easy to maintain and can help you save costs as it features built-in underlay. 

These insulating properties can help reduce your energy costs and also make the flooring warm to the touch which is great for those icy winter mornings.. Likewise, you can also install this flooring on your own, which can also help you save on installation costs. 

Shetlands Black Slate SPC Flooring

Our black slate flooring boasts an embossed natural look and is complete with antibacterial properties. Featuring a simple design that gives the effect of real slate flooring, it features a waterproof core and is resistant to the effects of daily wear and tear. Finished with a premium design, this contemporary flooring can be installed with a simple click in place system. 

Upgrade small fixtures

If you’re looking to carry out more of a revamp than a whole renovation, making minor changes to your bathroom’s fittings can go a long way and there are a number of ways this can be done effectively. This includes anything from replacing taps and plug holes to spruce up old baths, showers and sinks, to more stylistic replacements that can help modernise your interior, such as adding or replacing mirrors or towel rails. 

If you were looking to perform a bigger upgrade but aren’t 100% sure yet, it may be worth making these minor adjustments first as this can provide a simple way to brighten up the room before committing to a bigger change. In particular, minor upgrades can be helpful where space is limited, such as in smaller bathrooms.

Kartell Klassique Pair Basin Pillar Taps SUMMER SALE

If you’re looking for fixtures with a simple design, these Kartell Klassique Basin Pillar Taps offer a timeless industrial-style appearance. Made with a classic chrome finish, the classic spinning taps allow for easy grip and usability. 

Kartell 22mm Central Heated Straight Towel Rail Anthracite

A versatile bathroom fixture, the Kartell heated towel rail can make a significant difference to your bathroom. A practical accessory with a sophisticated style well-suited to the modern interior, this is available in multiple sizes to give your bathroom the perfect finishing details.

Kartell Alder 500mm x 700mm LED Mirror

If you’re looking to add some smart functions to your bathroom, the Kartell Alder LED mirror features a touch sensor switch which illuminates the built-in LEDs and activates the demister to provide steam-free use after bathing.. This modern mirror also features a rectangular shape that fits well with most interior decor styles. 

Budget bathroom makeover at the Panel Company

Whether you’re looking to complete a small or large bathroom makeover, shop our affordable collection of wall panels, flooring and bathroom accessories to help you stay within budget. 

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