Warm bathroom ideas on a budget | The Panel Company

Warm bathroom ideas on a budget | The Panel Company

Sep 27, '23

How to warm up your bathroom on a budget

Often viewed as one of the coldest rooms in the house, having a cooler bathroom can certainly have its benefits during warm seasons, but this can be a challenge once the colder months set in. With soaring energy costs, bathrooms are becoming more difficult to heat, as radiators and underfloor heating are no longer a cost-efficient option.

As such, it may be worth  considering how you can incorporate more economical changes into your bathroom interior. Covering a range of budget-friendly alternatives to simply switching on the heating, read on to discover a number of ideas on how to heat your bathroom on a budget. 

How can I heat my bathroom without central heating?

Although the most obvious solution to making a bathroom warmer is through using central-heating radiators or underfloor heating, the rising cost of living means this may not always be a viable solution. The good news, however, is that there are other ways that you can make your bathroom both look and feel warmer, even when operating on a tight budget. From choosing warmer hues to use in your bathroom, to switching to alternative options over naturally  cold materials such as tiles, there are a number of methods you can use to make your bathroom warmer for the colder months. After all, walking over stone-cold tile floors first thing in the morning or last thing on a night is certainly not ideal. We go into more detail on these options below:

Choose a warmer colour palette

Thinking carefully about what colours make a bathroom feel warmer can make a real difference. Switching your bathroom palette from greys, blacks or blues to warmer earth tones, including brown, beige, orange and gold can have a transformative effect. Not only can this make the bathroom lighter by helping to reflect more natural light from outside, but incorporating warm bathroom colours can also psychologically make the room feel warmer. 

Large Pergamon Shower Panel

Although there are multiple ways to incorporate warm hues into your bathroom, a practical and budget-friendly way to do this is through bathroom wall panels. For instance, our beige marble panels present a fresh and contemporary style, making these suitable for using in any modern bathroom. The durable and waterproof style also means they don’t compromise on function. 

Change your wall panels

Changing traditional tiled walls to wall panels is a great way to truly make a difference to the temperature of the room. While tiled floors tend to be the main culprit of making your bathroom feel cold,, tiled walls  can still have the potential to make the room feel colder too. Although tiles are a practical option due to their waterproof features, our wall panels offer a multitude of additional properties, which include durability, easy upkeep and affordability, as well as being made from naturally warmer materials. 

Large Beige Slate Shower Panel

These beige shower panels offer a washed and textured appearance with a warm hue that adds interest to any bathroom, while the practical features make this the perfect substitute to tiling. With no grouting required, a wipe-clean surface and tongue and groove installation, these quickly and easily fit together and offer effortless maintenance. 

Vox Motivo Graphite Shower Panel

If you’re looking to replicate the effect of tiles without the cold feel, these graphite panels provide a great solution. Allowing you to add a sense of luxury and sophistication to your bathroom interior, these panels are practical and hygienic while also being well-suited to the decor of a  modern home.

Use adhesive or sealant on holes or windows

If you’re looking for a cheap and simple solution before delving further into your budget, we recommend using adhesive or sealant to fill in any holes you notice in your bathroom. These can also be used to prevent drafts coming in through windows and present a highly effective method of warming up your bathroom. This is because, even if you have a good radiator, it won’t be as effective as it could be if your windows and doors haven’t been sealed properly. 


Therefore, if you start to notice any holes, or feel a draft, these should be dealt with in a timely way to prevent them from getting worse, either by yourself or a professional. If you’re looking for the most appropriate solution for completing the job, read our guide to adhesive and sealant to find the best option for your bathroom. 

Use warm bathroom flooring

Another option to make your bathroom feel warmer without the need for central heating is to change the flooring. It seems common practice for many homeowners to choose cold tile flooring for their bathroom, and while this may not be an issue during the warmer months, this can often present a cold and uncomfortable feeling during winter, so changing your flooring can make all the difference. 


Presenting a range of functional and decorative options, SPC flooring is designed to be tough and waterproof, making it suitable for using in bathrooms. This type of flooring is also warm to the touch and is more sound absorbing than tile, making your space feel warmer while reducing echoes. 

Eriskay Light Stone SPC Flooring

This stone-effect SPC flooring is a hard-wearing solution that features an insulated foam underlay. Combining durability, easy installation and an effortlessly contemporary appearance, this high quality vinyl flooring is a great option for making an otherwise cold bathroom feel warm.

Upgrade your radiator 

Although replacing your radiator may initially be quite costly, the long-term savings that can be made from doing so may make it worthwhile. In particular, you might find this advice useful if it's been a number of years since your radiator was changed, as most modern radiators are designed to be more energy efficient. 


If you’re looking to make this a DIY project, you might find our blog on how to install a radiator useful

Kartell K Rad Laser Klassic 6 Column Central Heated Radiator

The Kartell classic radiator provides a compact solution for bathrooms, making it suitable for rooms both big and small. Offering a strong heat output and available in multiple different sizes, the columned design is ideal for those looking to add a hint of extra character to their bathroom. 

Kartell Straight Central Heated Towel Rail White

The Kartell heated towel rail can offer an alternative solution to using a standard radiator as towel rails usually emit less heat, so this can prove to be more energy efficient and cost-effective. Finished in a stunning white, this stylish option is available in a variety of sizes. 

Warm bathroom ideas on a budget 

From quick fixes including filling holes with sealant, to larger projects including replacing walls and flooring, shop our collection of affordable and easy to install wall panels, flooring and other practical solutions to warm your bathroom on a budget.

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