DIY: Can You Do It Yourself?

DIY: Can You Do It Yourself?

Feb 22, '22

One trend that has emerged from multiple lockdowns - whether it’s a small shower upgrade or creating an entire feature wall - is DIY projects, and there's no sign of it slowing down. Due to pandemic limitations, combined with having a seemingly endless amount of time on our hands, a large number of homeowners have decided to embark on DIY home improvements themselves, which professionals would have otherwise been paid to do, helping save money in the long run.

If you’re considering taking some budget home improvements into your own hands, at the Panel Company our main advice would be to start small. Focus on a minor project first, like adding a lick of paint to a wall or an old furniture item that's a bit plain and unloved, before moving onto a bigger project such as building an outdoor table, complete with chairs and a parasol, ready for summer time! With an endless amount of step-by-step tutorials and genius upscaling ideas available thanks to YouTube, Pinterest and DIY blogs, and some perseverance from your end, it’s never been easier to make home improvement ideas a reality. 

Here at the Panel Company, we stock an extensive collection of budget-friendly, bespoke panels, perfect for house upgrades. Durable and easy to maintain, our high quality panels are guaranteed to add a touch of style to your home. 

Our easy to install, luxurious wall cladding can be used for an endless range of DIY projects, from splashback installations in the kitchen to giving living room walls a much-needed update. Whether you live alone in a flat or in a busy family home, give your home the upgrade it deserves with our attractive yet practical range of decorative wall panels. 

So, if you’re looking for some DIY inspiration, keep reading as we share our advice for budget home improvements and respond to some frequently asked questions, as well as provide a number of useful project ideas which are guaranteed to get your creative juices flowing. 

What does DIY stand for?

Do it Yourself - DIY does what it says on the tin. Put simply, it describes completing a task yourself, without hiring a professional or buying a complete product. For instance, you could label a DIY project as building a piece of furniture - instead of going to the shop to buy a chair, for example, you’ll instead embark on the challenge of making it yourself. Yes, you’ll probably need to go to the shop to buy supplies, but how the chair is built and how it looks will all be down to you. 

DIY is much less daunting than it sounds, if you’re thinking of taking on a project like this, there’s a lot of handy guides out there - from YouTube tutorials to books and blogs - finding a resource that will help you through a project is always a great place to start. DIY is all about learning and developing confidence in your skills to tackle projects that you would have otherwise paid somebody else to do. 

Budget Home Improvements

Which is better - PVC or Wallpaper?

Both PVC and non-woven wallpaper have their benefits, but at the Panel Company, we believe that PVC takes the top spot. With an easy maintenance and upkeep regime, the durability of PVC gives it the edge over other alternatives, and the option for textured effects can make for a more realistic final look. Highly affordable and water resistant, PVC panels are perfect for use in bathrooms, kitchens, and any other areas of your home that require a more hard-wearing finish.

Is PVC cheaper than tiles?

PVC panels are much more affordable compared to standard tiles, which makes them the perfect go-to when it comes to completing home improvements on a budget. As well as saving money, PVC panels are easy to fit, saving a lot of time and effort, and the need for a professional to fit them. 

How long do PVC wall panels last?

Known for their easy maintenance and durability, PVC panels typically last around two to three decades. But, when they eventually do need to be refreshed, you’ll be pleased to know that PVC panels are completely recyclable, which means you won’t be causing any environmental damage when it comes to replacing them. Therefore, they offer a great solution for eco-conscious DIY fanatics. 

Home Improvement Ideas

Kitchen Splashbacks 

Eye-catching and practical, splashbacks are used in the kitchen to prevent water damage around the sink area, and behind the hob to protect the wall from food splashes. Although some splashbacks may require professionals to install them, our plastic splashbacks are easy to install, which means you can fit them yourself without having to spend money on hiring a professional. Here at the Panel Company, we sell a wide range of high quality PVC kitchen splashbacks that are easy to install, easy to clean, and easy on the budget. 

Opting for a durable, plastic splashback is a great choice for those looking to carry out DIY home improvements. Whether you’re after a classic tile effect or a glossy, contemporary look, our range of Kitchen Splashbacks boasts a variety of designs, with something to suit every kitchen.

Mosaic Tile Effect Splashbacks

Mosaic Tile Effect Splashbacks

If you love the contemporary boho style, why not opt for a stylish mosaic tile splashback. Printed in high resolution, these kitchen splashbacks provide the perfect alternative to traditional tiling, while maintaining a classy and chic appearance. Easily cleaned with a simple wipe using soap and water - and with no grout to scrub - this tile effect splashback is the perfect solution for those who love a highly detailed style, without the need for high maintenance cleaning.

White Brick Splashbacks 

White Brick Splashbacks

Can’t decide between a rustic, traditional look or a contemporary appearance? Why not try both? Our white brick kitchen splashbacks will give your kitchen a timeless and classic appearance, perfect for staying on-trend while maintaining a captivating, chic look. Like the mosaic tiles, these splashbacks are printed in high resolution and come with a handy tongue and groove, which means when it comes to fitting them, the process will be as straightforward as possible, and better still, these require only the very basics of tools to install.

Cheap Home Improvements

Shower Upgrades

Our panels also make the ideal, budget-friendly solution for upgrading your shower space. An easy way to bring some new life into your bathroom without having to replace it entirely - try our easy to install PVC shower panels, to add a brand new decorative look you’re guaranteed to love. 

These panels require minimal upkeep, all you need to clean them is a cloth or sponge and soapy water, listed in our PVC panel cleaning guide. You can also browse our PVC panel installation guide for easy to follow instructions as well as a list of essential tools and equipment. 

Grey Concrete Shower Panels

Grey Concrete Shower Panels

If you’re looking to add a modern touch to your bathroom, our concrete shower panels provide the perfect practical, yet stylish solution. Complete with a fashionable grey stone effect, these are the ideal feature panels for providing a unique and contemporary look to your space. And, being 100% water and moisture resistant, you won’t need to worry about them gathering mould, as you would with tiling, cutting down on care and cleaning products. 

Pergamon Shower Panels

Pergamon Shower Panels

Longing for a holiday? Get that feeling of being abroad with our pergamon shower panels and bring some light into your bathroom. Featuring an attractive marble pattern, complete with a sleek, gloss finish, these decorative beige panels are the ideal addition to any modern home. Like others in the range, these are 100% waterproof, so you can relax and shower as long as you want without having to be concerned about leaks and damp..

DIY Home Improvements

PVC Feature Walls

If you’re on the hunt for a bigger project to get stuck into, we have the perfect home improvement idea. Our PVC feature wall panels can be used to create a stylish space in larger bedrooms and living spaces. With this project, the larger the room the better as some panels can slightly reduce the space and cause smaller rooms to appear cramped. But there’s no need to worry, whatever size your space is, you’re sure to find the perfect panel for the project.

Once you’ve decided on the room you want to incorporate a feature wall into, it's important to determine which space will serve as the focal point. The best way to think of this is to consider where the eyes are naturally drawn to. In a living room it could be the wall behind the TV or mantlepiece, or in a bedroom it might be the wall behind the headboard of the bed. Wherever you want to add a pop of colour or texture, our panels are sure to impress.

Natural Wood Effect Feature Wall Panels

Natural Wood Effect Feature Wall Panels

Want to design a living space with a difference? Try our wood effect PVC panels. On-trend and practical, these can be easily mounted onto existing interiors and are suitable for all types of surfaces. So, for a cost-effective statement wall with minimal upkeep, opt for this decorative wall cladding. 

Abstract White Feature Wall Panels 

Abstract White Feature Wall Panels

Providing subtle texture to accentuate the natural light, our abstract white PVC panels add a fresh appearance to any living space. With a satin finish that brings a professional look to any room, you can give your home the upgrade it deserves with this luxurious, decorative wall cladding.

Find Home Improvement Ideas at the Panel Company

Whether your DIY projects are already in full swing or you’re still in the planning stages and looking for inspiration, shop our range of high-quality panels online at the Panel Company to help transform your DIY goals into a reality. To save even more, shop our spring sale, featuring some of our best-selling stock, with up to 35% off our wall panels and 40% off all bathroom furniture.

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