Slat Wall Ideas

Slat Wall Ideas

Mar 31, '23

Whether you’re looking to add a subtle statement to your interiors by adding texture to your walls, or you’re looking for a way to reduce noise and sound reverberation in your home, you may want to consider adding some slat wall panels to your home. Praised for their sound-absorbent properties and stylish qualities, this unique wall panelling is available in a multitude of designs and finishes, from bold and bright colours to more contemporary scandinavian styles so you’re sure to find a panel that perfectly suits your needs. Whichever design you choose, these sleek panels have the ability to uplift any space and add that extra textural touch that your space has been missing.

With a whole host of useful properties, it’s no surprise that slat wall panels are becoming a rapidly rising trend in interior design. If you’re looking to make a difference to your interior and incorporate this modern wall panelling into your home, we’ve listed a number of slat wall ideas to hopefully inspire you and provide you with enough guidance to ensure you pick the perfect panels for your home. 

Are slat walls a good idea?

Quick and easy to install, slat wall panels will completely transform your space, and once you have the right instructions, you’ll have yours up in no time. For a complete step-by-step guide  on how to install these in your home, take a look at our comprehensive installation guide. Quick to install and lightweight, our range of slat wall panelling boasts a variety of unique and practical additional product features to benefit from. Most notably, they’re 100% recyclable, making them ideal for eco-conscious DIY-ers.

Once installed, there’s no need to worry about any tricky upkeep as slat wall panels are extremely straightforward to maintain. However, we would only recommend installing these in a living room, bedroom or office space, because unlike some of our other panel collections, slat wall panels are not waterproof and are unsuitable for installing in high-moisture environments such as kitchens or bathrooms. 

Slat Wall Ideas

Now you’re aware of some of the many benefits that this style of panel has to offer, we have a number of creative slat wall ideas to inspire you and help you get one step closer to achieving your desired interior using this sought-after style.

  1. Create your own bedroom sanctuary

Slat wall panels are a fantastic option if you’re wanting to soften the space you’re in, making them a great choice for your bedroom design. Whether you’re looking for light and airy slat wall options to welcome in more natural light and elevate the space, or you’re searching for darker slat wall panelling to create a dark and restful environment to help you sleep, there are plenty of options that are suitable for using in bedrooms. Slat wall panels can be used around the entire room to help reduce noise and create a calming atmosphere, or they make a great feature wall, perfect behind a headboard for drawing focus to the bed and emphasising the feeling of rest and calm within the bedroom.

White slat wall panels

The s-line slat panels from our in-demand Vox Linerio collection are made in a desirable bright white colourway that looks perfect in a neutral toned room. A popular choice for bedroom interiors, these can be paired with other white and neutral-coloured furnishings and decor to produce a harmonious effect.

2. Standout media wall

If you’re unfamiliar with a media wall, this is essentially the wall in your living room that your TV is mounted on. This is a common focal point when designing a living room as often these spaces are designed to ensure that every person in the room can see the television. However, the contrast between the TV and the wall can often be quite harsh, and sometimes these spaces are neglected in the design as the TV is the only thing considered for that area. Slat wall panels are a great way to add texture and interest to this space, and they also help to soften the area around the television, providing more interest to this space than simply just the screen.

Slat wall standout media wall
These 3D textured light ash slat wall panels from the Sulcado collection can be used to elevate your media wall and compliment the surrounding space in your living area. Designed with the ability to transform any plain and ordinary wall into a captivating focal point, this acoustic slat panelling will seamlessly blend with almost any contemporary-style interior. 

3. Sound-proofing your office

Whether it's for a home office or a shared company space, these panels are a great way of creating a zone for focus within your space. Not only do these uplift and add some personality to the space, but, as previously mentioned, a desirable feature of slat wall panels are their noise-reducing properties. Helping to create a calm, stylish and productive environment, there are many advantages that come with adding slat walls to your office space or other quiet room.

Home office slat wall panels

Boasting a contemporary design, the Anthracite slat wall panelling in charcoal, which is part of the signature 3D textured panels collection, is an ideal choice for office interiors to create an all-round sophisticated appearance that promotes focus.

4. Create a feature wall

This versatile cladding is a great, non-traditional option for a feature or accent wall that strays away from the classic patterned wallpaper. While there are many different ways to style a feature wall, if your budget allows, we would always recommend going the extra mile to create a desirable space. For instance, in the image below, wood slat wall panels have been incorporated into the living room as a backdrop to a white wall that cleverly doubles as storage space. Feature lighting has also been added to enhance the textural lines and edges of these walls.

Slat wall feature panels
These wooden slat wall panels feature a gold metallic colorway that really stands out and adds a point of interest to the room. The perfect alternative to a simple plain white wall, these wood slat wall panels can be styled in a variety of ways and are suitable for using in bedrooms, living rooms and other living areas in the home. 

Buy Slat Wall Panels from the Panel Company

Whether you’re looking to buy slat wall panels to complete a large media wall in your living room, or you’re looking to incorporate them into an office space to create a sleek and tranquil interior, there are many slat wall options available. Find wooden slat wall panels and more from the slat wall panel collection at the Panel Company.

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