How much does it cost to tile a bathroom?

How much does it cost to tile a bathroom?

The key ingredient to a successful bathroom renovation, brand new tiles are likely to be on most homeowners shopping lists when they’re looking to upgrade their existing space. Whether you have a specific style in mind, or you’re open to exploring the options of tiles and their more affordable counterparts, there are a large range of options you can choose from to achieve new and fresh-looking walls and flooring. However, as is the case with most restoration projects, an important factor that we recommend considering before you start the project or hire someone else to do so is price, and in this instance, just how much it will cost to tile your bathroom.

In this blog we will discuss the variety of different costs involved with getting your bathroom tiled, including material costs, cost of labour, maintenance and more, as well as whether this is suitable to complete as a DIY project. Read on as we also discuss a potential alternative to traditional tiling which could save you a significant amount of time and money in your bathroom renovations.

How much does it cost to have your bathroom tiled?

There are a number of factors that mean the cost of tiling a bathroom can vary, for example the size and shape of the space. More often than not projects like this tend to be priced at cost per square metre. Among other things, the main elements factored into this price are the cost of the labour, the tiles themselves and the materials required to install the tiles. So, while it’s difficult to provide an exact figure of how much it will cost to tile a bathroom, if you’re looking for an estimate, according to Checkatrade, tiling both the walls and floors of an average sized bathroom can cost anywhere between £700 and £800 and will take around 3-4 days to complete. And the cost of tiling a floor according to the average UK bathroom floor size per m2 in the UK is £100, including labour costs.

How much does it cost to tile a small bathroom?

As to be expected, in most cases, the cost of tiling a smaller bathroom can come at a more affordable price compared to a larger bathroom. However, other factors may mean that tiling a small space may come at a similar cost to larger bathrooms if your space poses particular challenges in installation that means it may take them longer to carry out the work. For instance, this may be the case if space is tight in the bathroom, if the walls of the bathroom are uneven, or there’s something else that makes the tiles more challenging to install, such as unique angles and detailed alcoves. Any factors that make the job more difficult than usual can mean the professional may charge more.

To help eliminate the above issues, choosing a more affordable option and one that requires less maintenance in the long term can help you save a significant amount of time and money. Featuring a range of properties that mean they’re easier to clean, mould resistant and 100% waterproof, tile effect panels provide a viable alternative to traditional tiling. For a direct price comparison, Checkatrade cites the cost of wall panelling installation between £50 to £400 per square metre, as opposed to its more expensive traditional counterpart at £700-£800. Although there are other factors that may come into play, this can still help you to save potentially hundreds of pounds. 

How much do tilers charge UK?

As we’ve mentioned above, most tilers charge per square metre, however there are other elements that might make the usual cost of labour higher. From the design of the tiles, with patterned and uniquely shaped tiles being on the more expensive side, to where you live, as tilers based in a more in-demand area of the country such as London may charge more, these can all mean that installation may come at an additional cost. If the tradesperson charges a daily rate rather than an estimate based on m2, this can also affect the price, as well as more simple elements such as the size and quality of the tiles. Whilst some factors such as location and oddly shaped spaces may also apply to the price of installing wall panels, our pvc panels are generally much cheaper to install and are available in a wide range of designs that aren’t limited to the type of space you have to decorate.

Can I retile my bathroom myself?

While we would recommend hiring a trade professional to do the job for you, if you’re looking to save money by completing the job yourself and you have the time available to do this, tiling the bathroom yourself is possible. A high-maintenance DIY project that can take some time to complete, this process involves removing old tiles, cleaning and preparing surfaces, measuring the layout and, last but not least, a precise installation. Although not an impossible project, it does have a number of different steps that you will need to follow closely to ensure that no gaps are left that could lead to leaks and structural damage.

However, the additional advantage of installing tile effect wall panels as an alternative option is that this is much easier to complete yourself, and can allow you to save a significant amount of time compared to installing tiles. Easy to fit and requiring a simple maintenance regime, we have a detailed step-by-step guide on how to install our wall panels, helping you save on the cost of hiring someone to do the work for you. The lowest cost of our tile effect panels is £12.99 for our stone effect panelling, so with regards to the price of tiling a bathroom and the price of the tiles themselves, you could save hundreds of pounds going this route.

Extra tiling costs:

Whether you’re looking to install tiles in your bathroom yourself, or you’re looking to hire a professional to do this for you, there are two more important costs you will need to factor in to your budget. The price of grouting and adhesives are often a forgotten fee when installing tiles, however these will be included in the overall cost you’ll pay for installation. Also, it’s usually expected that the wall will be prepared for the tiler to ensure they have an even surface to work on, and this can be another additional cost to your project.

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