5 Small Bathroom Ideas That Look Great

5 Small Bathroom Ideas That Look Great

As bathroom panel specialists we have seen thousands of bathroom designs, floor plans and renovation projects. A bathroom layout that's a bit short on space can be a real challenge to get right.

We have pulled 5 of our favourite ideas together, please let us know what you think. If you want more information on these or any other design concepts, let us know.

1. Full Mirrored Walls

Adding a mirror across the whole wall of a smaller sized bathroom (or any sized room for that matter) doubles the look and feel of the room. Using a large mirror removes the necessity for vanity mirrors, saving wall space. Larger mirrors reflect light really well too, giving you as much light from natural or artificial sources as possible.

2. Match Dark Floors with Lighter Walls

Getting the right colour and design is essential in a small bathroom. Dark colours on the wall will make a small bathroom feel even smaller, use light colours to reflect the light in your bathroom to give a larger feel to the room. If you really want to use dark colours then think about using a dark colour on the floor and on one wall.. Match the colours of the wall tiles and flooring together, to create a sense of a continuous floor, this creates a nice contrast with the light walls, as shown above.

3. Wall Mounted Floating Toilets

If you can build the toilet tank into the wall then you save floor space, legroom and keep things cleaner with a wall mounted toilet. This does require a little more work but the space saving effects and aesthetics are worth the extra effort. 

4. Ditch The Shower Curtain For A Glass Panel

Shower curtains are pretty horrible. They are impossible to clean, hold the humidity in the room and having them stick to you whilst you are in the shower is a pretty hideous experience for anyone. Rid yourself of this damp monstrosity for a frameless glass panel. They are easy to install and maintain and are perfect for small bathrooms. 

5. Create A Panelled Accent Wall

Of course we save the best small bathroom design for last, and obviously it has to include one of our bathroom panels on it! If you want to add some sparkle, shimmer or colour to your smaller sized bathroom then add a panel to the back wall. You can add colour or design to the whole wall or just a band or corner. Using this design technique creates depth to your small bathroom, especially if the walls and flooring are kept light and simple.


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