The Hygienic Benefits of Bathroom Cladding

The Hygienic Benefits of Bathroom Cladding

When considering the look and feel you want in your bathroom to create the perfect relaxing ambience one thing you probably overlook is how day to day wear and tear will effect to overall look and feel in the coming years. What may look clean and fresh at installation can soon become a breeding ground for dirt and grime…

So imagine you have chosen your perfect bathroom, you can imagine it in the space you have, you picture the lighting, the mirrors, the furniture and accessories – but what about the wall and ceiling space? How can you give your bathroom the beautiful look and feel whilst ensuring hygiene and longevity of it’s “clean” look and feel for the years ahead. It’s simple…..with Bathroom cladding panels.

There are some real advantages of bathroom cladding over traditional tiles which makes them a great contender when creating your bathroom. Bathroom cladding although it doesn’t appear plastic is made from PVC which is inherently hard wearing and unlike tiles won’t break or crack on impact. It’s durable and flexible which makes it easy to fit, easier to maintain and obviously easier to clean! One of the main advantages for us is there is no grout needed, hence there is nowhere for mould to grow, grime to gather and germs to breed, making it the hygienic and cleaner looking option. Due to the material it also has a wipe clean surface which will help to retain it’s hygienic and youthful look throughout the lifetime of your bathroom!

If you haven’t seen the ranges of Bathroom cladding recently then you will be surprised at how Bathroom Cladding has evolved since the 60’s. The look, feel and design has developed so much over recent years it now offers such a wide range of finishes you will be literally spoilt for choice. The new looks include everything from the traditional sparkle, marble and plain tiles through to metallic, stone and even wood effect finishes, which makes it perfect to also create the style you want now and well in to the future.

Put together the benefits of bathroom cladding: the ease of install, ease of maintenance, easy clean, hygienic, durable and hard wearing, long lasting, fire retardant, eco friendly and so very stylish and you have the perfect accompaniment to any bathroom.


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