Waterproof Bathroom Wall Panels: Why?

Waterproof Bathroom Wall Panels: Why?

Interior design, like all design, moves along at pace, as all fashions do. Or maybe it would be more accurate to call them trends.

With an abundance of inspiration online and a never ending stream of home improvement shows on TV, it’s easy to fall victim to information overload and getting stuck in an interior design no man’s land.

So, if you have come here to wonder about wall panels, also known as interior cladding, then we will aim to, as unbiasedly as possible, inform you as to why we think you should use these systems in your home.  Firstly, there is just the issue of practicality. As much as we want the rooms in our home to shimmer, shine and sparkle we also have to live in them and keep them clean and tidy so sometimes aesthetics have to give way to pure practicality.

And we like to think that first and foremost wall panels are practical. They wipe clean, with warm soapy water, any stain from food or a spilt drink, sticky fingers or a wayward pet is gone with one wipe.

That’s not something that can generally be said of wallpaper that can have absorbent qualities and of tiles that can have grouting between them which can also hold onto grime and dirt.

So if you want your walls to be clean both to look at and from the hygienic perspective, then wall panels are a sensible and practical route to take.

Secondly, they look great. We have kept our range all about carefully selected suppliers and designs. We review our inventory repeatedly and always keep a keen eye out on emerging trends and how that effects interior design standards.

We also listen to the market, if a line is selling well we will look to build and design variations to that product around that well selling product. The Sparkle range is testament to a design that keeps selling and it various colours and designs too.

Thirdly, and in a market that’s driven so much by economy, the cost is manageable.

Now I’m not going to say they are cheap. Cheap is relative to the person buying them. Our products have been fitted in Premier league football clubs and in Michelin Star restaurants. But the cost is the same to them as it would be to you. We hold a good sized inventory, our buying strategy allows us to keep the cost of the product at a manageable level whilst also offering free delivery on most of our range.

Savings can also be made on installation too. You can fit these yourself, there are YouTube videos on how to do it. But if you feel you have to find a handyman to do so, the time taken for the job is nowhere near the amount of time needed to prepare a wall for wallpapering or a wall for tiling and that’s even before we consider how long installation of these more traditional decorating methods can take.

So there are three solid reasons why you should seriously consider wall panels before tiling and papering.

Practicality. Look. Cost. 


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