Classic Oak Grey Vinyl Planks Flooring | BerryAlloc® Pure 2.164m² Pack

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Product Information

Classic Oak Grey Vinyl Planks Flooring - Individual Tile Size - 204mm x 1326mm with 0.55mm wear layer.

Berry Alloc® is a luxury vinyl tile flooring with a dreamclick® locking system
 - The DreamClick® locking system allows you to click the planks any way you want. So feel free to turn them around until you find the pattern of your dreams. You won't need any heavy equipment, just take a simple Stanley knife and you're good to go. No sawing, no dust. Get someone to help you, start in the middle and install at double speed. It is called DreamClick® for a reason. Sounds quick and easy? That's right. Thanks to the unique locking system you can install 12m² in 30 minutes flat. Whether you're a DIY'er or a professional, everyone loves DreamClick®. The 360° interlocking system allows you to use your creativity to the fullest and put together a floor that suits your space and your personality. You can install the floor in a new pattern of your own including staggered and herringbone.

The floor is yours.
The Berry Alloc® floor doesn't wake the little ones while you're sneaking in. A worry-free foundation that survives your parties, family dinners and children chasing dogs. A floor that is unbelievably easy to install. For everyone. Whether its your first time or daily occupation. It doesn't matter if you love traditional, elegant, cosy or creative designs. there is a Pure Vinyl floor just for you. A floor that is loved by everyone, even by our planet. Because the planks/tiles are 100% recyclable. A floor for your home, your life. 
relax it's BerryAlloc

  • 2.164 Square Metres with each pack consisting of 8 vinyl planks measuring 204mm length x 1326mm width x 5mm depth
  • Classic Oak Grey Planks Flooring
  • The floor of silence - reduces noise in any room it is installed - the unique foamed top layer absorbs the walking sound, making it up to 50% more silent than other LVT floors
  • Water Resistant making it ideal for high traffic areas such as kitchens, hallways and bathrooms
  • Micro Bevelled Edges
  • 100% recyclable
  • Lightweight
  • Easy Maintenance
  • Anti-Slip - rating R11
  • Sustains high temperatures & compatible with installation of under floor heating
  • Quick and easy installation with the dreamclick® system making it DIY friendly
  • 360 ° interlocking system around all edges
  • Resistant to scuffs and marks, this vinyl tile has a hard wearing 0.55mm wear layer and requires minimal maintenance
  • Residential Warranty - Lifetime
  • Commercial Warranty - 10 Years
  • Class 23 Residential heavy - intensive, increase use-entrance areas, kitchens and living areas
  • Class 33 Commercial heavy - intensive, increased use - open - plan offices, stores, multi - purpose halls
  • Finish - Matt

Individual Vinyl Plank Size
Width : 204 mm
Height : 1326 mm
Thickness : 5 mm

Vinyl Plank Pack Size
The price shown is for a pack of 8 that will cover 2.164m2 total surface area.

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