The Benefits of Bathroom Wall Paneling

The Benefits of Bathroom Wall Paneling

Jul 30, '18

Paneling is something that people don’t often put that much thought into when it comes to their showers and bathroom in general. But these elements are essential when it comes to instilling a feeling of calm and luxury into a bathroom, and should be your go-to consideration if you ever feel that your bathroom needs something to give it a boost.

There are a few reasons why looking into new paneling is so important for those looking to renovate their bathroom. The first, and, for many, most salient benefit is the fact that it’s a relatively cost-effective process when you consider the massive aesthetic improvement you get from it. Replacing bathroom parts such as your sink, shower, or toilet may feel like the most obvious thing to do if you want a bathroom to feel new, but these may not be as effective as simply re-doing the paneling - nor will they be anywhere near as affordable.

Not only are these panels great in themselves, but they’re also great for covering up any irregularities that may already exist on your bathroom walls. And if you’re worried that you won’t be able to find panels that don’t fit the current aesthetic of your bathroom? Well, that’s worrying that you needn’t engage in. There is such a huge range of panels out there that there’s no way you’re going to be stuck with walls that no longer fit the look of your bathroom!

With this in mind, it’s also worth pointing out that the process isn’t very labor-intensive. This is because paneling can actually be placed right over your existing tiling. The job can be completed in no time, as long as you have the right tools and are working with the right expert assistance. This sort of renovation doesn’t have to be a job that lasts several days; go in with the right strategy and you can get the whole thing completed in a matter of hours! Paneling is also very versatile; there’s barely a place in your bathroom where they can’t be placed! They can be placed across your bathroom walls, or inside the shower, or even on the ceiling.

But why get paneling over tiling? The biggest drawback to tiling, of course, is the grout. The grouting can get dirty pretty easily; not only that, but they stain with ease, making it incredibly difficult to keep them clean if you’re not careful. They’re also susceptible to the buildup of mould - something you have to be extremely careful of when it comes to your bathroom.

No room in the house gets quite as moisture-drenched as the bathroom. Marble and PVC tiles are, of course, a lot better at preventing mould buildup than the materials used for other walls in the house. But when moisture gets trapped in grout and the temperature in the room rises, this can make the moist areas perfect hotbeds for bacteria, which can result in mould. You shouldn’t underestimate the danger that mould can pose to you or your family; it is, after all, a living thing that sends harmful bacterial spores into the air. Gross!

Paneling is very resistant to the buildup of mould because there simply isn’t anywhere for moisture to become trapped; it all runs off, which is extremely important when it comes to the interior of your shower. This isn’t to say they don’t need some maintenance every so often; you’ll have to clean them occasionally to ensure they remain as beautiful as the day you installed them! But paneling is extremely low-maintenance when compared to standard bathroom tiling. This is why so many people look to cascade shower and bathroom panels to increase not just the beauty of their bathrooms, but also the hygiene.

Another great thing about bathroom paneling - no, we haven’t run out of good things to say about it yet - is that they provide strong insulation. Standard tiling isn’t actually anywhere near as thick as you might think - this is why your bathroom can get so darn cold during the winter months. But with paneling, you’re doing to be dealing with durable material that is usually around 8mm thick. This means that the heat of your radiators won’t escape quite so easily meaning you’re going to be much less tempted to crank up the heat or keep those radiators on for hours. This saves energy, which reduces costs!

There are few reasons not to consider paneling for your bathroom. While standard tiling might seem cheaper in the short-term, it simply doesn’t provide all the benefits that paneling provides - and, in many ways, it can cost you more in the long-term.

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