Deck the Halls with PVC Wall Panels from The Panel Company

Deck the Halls with PVC Wall Panels from The Panel Company

Dec 3, '20

Looking for a simple, yet cost-effective way to instantly transform your hallway space? Hallway panels may be the answer you’re looking for!  

Whilst hallway interiors often go overlooked when it comes to redecorating a home, they offer homeowners the unique ability to make an inviting first impression, as they’re often the first point of entrance for guests. Particularly useful for those looking to host guests throughout the festive period, our no-fuss, easy-to-install range of hallway panels can instantly set the tone for the rest of your home, with a hassle-free installation service that’s easy enough to install yourself. 

Whether you set your sights on a weekend renovation, or you’re simply looking to set up your hallway panelling whenever you’ve got a spare moment throughout the frantic festive period, our long-lasting, beautifully bespoke range of hallway panels can be easily mounted over existing interiors - the hardest part of the installation service is choosing your favourite collection! From marbled panels to rustic red bricks, our range of modern hallway panels are each designed to help your hallway decor look its festive best this season, whilst offering plenty of other styling opportunities that will bring homeowners satisfaction for years to come. 

Keep reading as we walk you through some of our favourite hallway panelling ideas, as well as providing serious styling inspiration on how best to decorate your hallway to really wow guests this Christmas.

Benefits of Hallway Panelling 

Before we get into our favourite festive hallway suggestions, if you’re still undecided on whether or not hallway panels are right for your home, here are a few of our favourite advantages of PVC wall panelling to help you make the best decision. 

The very nature of footfall in and out of your hallway leaves your hallway interiors more susceptible to scuffs, scrapes and other signs of wear and tear than other places in your home. Pretty much everything comes through the hallway first; from furniture and deliveries to wet umbrellas and muddy trainers, whatever goes in and out of the front door will inevitably leave your walls looking worse for wear as time goes on. Choosing to install hallway panelling as an alternative to drywall has countless benefits, but one of the most important features is that they are very low maintenance. 

Cleaning PVC wall panels couldn’t be simpler, in contrast to the maintenance regime and abrasive cleaning agents you need for regular drywall or tiles, all you need to remove grubby fingers or mud marks from your hallway panels is a simple soft cloth and soapy water. As well as offering a hassle-free, hygienic cleaning regime, panels also save homeowners from the hassle of having to touch up scuffs, as this can often leave paint jobs looking patchy in certain lights, which inevitably leads to a longer, more expensive paint job than initially intended. 

Intrigued? Take a look at some of our favourite PVC hallway panels available to purchase online at The Panel Company. 

Vox Motivo Modern 3D Red Brick Panels 

hallway wall panelling

Our modern rustic brick panels feature an eye-catching design that instantly transforms a hallway space. Complete with grainy details and worn-down crumbling brick effects to mimic a true-to-life look, when installed in a modern setting and styled with detail, our Vox Motivo Modern brick panels offer homeowners the chance to create their own flawlessly stylish rustic space that has real character.

While our modern hallway panels would work all year round as a standalone hallway feature, our red brick effect panels look fabulous with Christmas decorations. Red and green work synonymously as a duo to create the perfect festive colour palette for any interior space and dressing our red brick effect panels with a number of green garlands would be a great place to start.

Whether you choose to hang up a number of festive laurels across your hallway panels, or you wrap a touch of green foliage around the bannister and doorways - however you choose to dress up your modern hallway, our red brick PVC panels create the perfect backdrop for any festive decorations. 

Vox Motivo Modern Nutmeg Panels

hallway panels

Looking for minimal hallway panelling ideas for those who prefer a muted interior palette? 

Our beautiful Vox Motivo PVC modern hallway panels in the Nutmeg colourway present the perfect solution for calming colour palettes. Offering endless styling potential due to its natural look, whether you prefer extravagant Christmas decorations or prefer to keep decor to a minimum - wow your guests from the get-go all year round with these muted modern panels. Easy to install, our designer Vox Motivo panels offer a hygienic, modern hallway solution that is both easy to clean and maintain, whilst presenting the perfect backdrop for any complementing furniture or accessories. 

Neutrals are, and will likely remain, a timeless trend in interior design, which is why we recommend keeping it neutral this festive season. And where interiors are simple - festivities shine! Complement our understated nutmeg panelling with an array of candle-lit lights, hessian garlands and snow-tipped wreaths.

Decorwall Wood Grain Panels in Elegant Oak

hallway panelling

Give your hallway the wow factor with a striking new look! Our Decorwall Wood Grain PVC panels in elegant oak are as bold as they are beautiful. Featuring a minimal silver fleck running through the panels to mimic a grained wood effect, these eye-catching wall panels offer a modern take on hallway interiors that any contemporary living space should invest in. Whether you prefer to keep things monochrome or choose to inject a touch of colour to break up our sleek black panels - however you introduce personality into your living space, our striking wall panels are sure to grab your guest’s attention. 

Known to be a real crowd-pleaser as a standalone hallway feature, what better way to show off a bold statement than with another bold statement? A hallway tree is the ultimate festive showstopper and a contrasting white tree propped against our Decorwall Wood Grain panels present endless styling opportunities. 

Buy Modern Hallway Panelling online at The Panel Company 

Here at The Panel Company, we’re experts in our field. Supplying thousands of happy customers across the UK with an array of stylish, affordable and hard-wearing panels to fit seamlessly across the home - whether you’re looking for your next DIY project, or simply looking to renovate on a budget, we’ve got panels to suit all style preferences online. Discover our full range of hallway panels at The Panel Company, or take a moment to browse through our full selection of PVC panels suitable for bathrooms, kitchens and more.

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