Reduce your energy bills significantly this winter with wall panels

Reduce your energy bills significantly this winter with wall panels

Isn’t it time for a warmer bathroom? - Thermal Insulation & Bathroom Wall Panels

We are facing a cost-of-living crisis with soaring bills, most notably heating costs. Inflation is over 8% and fuel costs are 30% higher than they were a year ago. The question is, what can we do about this?

There are many things you can do, but let’s just think about your bathroom.

There is now a genuine, high-quality alternative to porcelain tiles. Installing bathroom wall panels is no longer just a cheap and cheerful alternative, it offers a range of finishes that traditional tiles simply cannot match. Not only will it offer a huge saving on installation it will help to lower your domestic fuel costs.

Traditional porcelain and marble tile walls and flooring are very cold surfaces. They make a bathroom cold and as a result you are wasting money to heat a room that will never get warm as the tiles conduct all the heat away. It can be uncomfortably cold on those chilly winter days and with such poor thermal insulation it can significantly increase your fuel bills.

Wall panelling, ceiling panels and textured, non-slip SPC flooring offers an alternative. With excellent thermal insulation properties, they insulate your bathroom, keeping heat in and lowering your fuel bills. Wall panels are also warm to the touch compared to tiles with their cold surface. A warm bathroom and lower heating costs – what’s not to like!

But there are so many additional benefits too. Bathroom panelling is incredibly long lasting, with a 10-year product guarantee. They are quick and inexpensive to install and require no maintenance other than a wipe down with soapy water. With a clean finish and no grout, they are much more hygienic, will not go mouldy and will continue to look great for years to come.

There is now so much choice from the more expensive solid-core acrylic and ShowerWall panels to the more value focused PVC wall panels. You can have tile effect panels, stone, wood, textured, contemporary, marble or sparkle finishes. Panels come in all sizes with the large shower panels at a metre wide and wall panels of all sizes up to that point. You can mix and match to create a bathroom that is entirely unique to you. All wall panels join seamlessly with their tongue and groove interlocking system, offering a completely waterproof seal.

So finally, there is a real alternative to bathroom tiles that is starting to look like a much more sensible option. Maybe now is the time to take fresh look at your bathroom options. Reduce your bill with panels that thrill - Here at The Panel Company, contact us today for more information.


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