Coordinate Your Interiors With Your Wall Panels

Coordinate Your Interiors With Your Wall Panels

Apr 24, '20

When it comes to your home interior be it the bathroom, kitchen, living room, hallway or bedroom you can go bold and daring with your colour scheme and still create composition and harmony in synchronisation. Ensuring that your walls and interior design work well together is vital when you’re renovating a home space. 

Being so many prospects of designs, styles, patterns and colours out there you can easily make the mistake of facilitating a sense of balance in your decor. Whilst contrast is a good thing, there has to be a symphony of cohesiveness between your walls and interiors to create that coherent look. 
Here we break down a 4-step guide to consider when decorating your room | 
What’s the interior style? 
Consider the feel & theme you are aiming for in the room you are renovating - will it be contemporary, luxury, cosy, ultra-stylish | something that suits your personal taste. Once you establish the purpose of the room, let that help you tie in which wall panel(s) will give you your overall aesthetic & direct your prospects.


Successful Incorporations 
By applying varying tones, styles & patterns of wall panels and home interior decor you can alter a rooms appearance altogether. Lighter wall panels and varying accent tones in the interiors may make your room seem larger, fresh and clean. Whereas dark wall panels and light wall panels will help achieve a wider feel. A light floor tone and light wall panel will make your room appear narrower. Referring back to your ‘interior style’ feel will help you make the right selections.

A Corresponding Palette Selection 
Select a colour palette that is complimentary, pick colours that work cohesively with one another, not against. Your tones of wall chosen wall panel and your flooring do not have to be of the same palette by any means, if you are going for a bold and bright wall colour, select a floor and other decor interiors that don’t fight for attention, go for a more subtle variable tone from the same colour palette.  

You don’t have to let your selected decorative wall panels do all the talking - allow you're decor to be incorporated as centre stage components to pull together your rooms overall look. You may choose to go for a neutral wall panel for a blank canvas feel - leaving your interior decor and dressing to emerge as the talking point. Alternately go for a stand out wall panel and more muted and subtle decors to let your wall panels be the main attraction.


Final Touches 
The smallest of decor touches can help to bring the room together - add texture or reflective surfaces throughout the room and choose decor accessories that tie everything together. 


Using this 4-step guide will help you to choose your wall panel and interior decor combination, regardless if you are refreshing a room utilising your current features or if you are starting from scratch. Always be guided by the aspects of decor that you like to represent your individual style.

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