6-Step Guide for Cleaning Shower Panels

6-Step Guide for Cleaning Shower Panels

Apr 30, '20

If you are considering installing shower panels or already have shower panels here we set out a 6-Step easy process of how to clean shower boards. Shower panels are easy to clean and do not require an extensive cleaning ritual - however presuming that they do not need to be cleaned is a common misconception due to their smooth surface. Even though our shower panels are hygienic and have less hiding places for bacteria to hide in comparison to tiles - they still need to have a thorough clean like any other surface in your home. If you don’t take time on a regular basis to clean shower boards you will find an unsightly build up of soap scum and dirt. Here we set out a 6-Step Guide on how to clean shower panels |

Please Note | If you haven’t cleaned you shower panels for a while and you find some hard stains to remove even after following our 6-Step cleaning guide - do not be tempted to use any abrasive cleaning products such as bleach or anything harsh such as steel wool. Even though the shower boards are durable and hard wearing the surface print would become ruined. Instead we would suggest allowing the warm soapy water to soak into the affected areas for longer and stick to soft cloths and sponges.

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