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Home Shower Panels 1000mm

Looking for a stylish alternative to traditional drywall or tiling for your new bathroom or wet room? Our collection of decorative PVC shower panels provides a sophisticated, easy alternative to traditional decorating methods. Shop our full collection of shower panels below.


Are shower panels better than tiles?
Shower panels and tiles are both popular options for a bathroom wall and each has their own unique advantages. However, shower panels are easier to install and maintain, and are often cheaper than tiles. There are plenty of design options available to suit a wide range of interior decor schemes, making them an excellent alternative to traditional tiles.

Can you put shower panels over tiles?
Shower panels can be placed directly over tiles. This means that decorating your bathroom can be done without fuss or mess, as panel installation is easy and convenient. 

What type of shower wall panels are best?
There are several material options when it comes to shower panels, and deciding which is best is dependent on your personal needs and preferences. PVC and laminate shower panels are popular choices for those looking for a quick, easy and stylish bathroom refresh on a budget, whereas porcelain shower panels are best for those looking for a complete luxury option that doesn't involve removing or installing tiles.