Clever Ideas for Ensuite Bathrooms

Clever Ideas for Ensuite Bathrooms

Aug 31, '22

A convenient room to have in any home, having a bedroom with an ensuite enables you to sleep, get ready, brush your teeth, shower, and more all within a convenient and closed off space for ultimate privacy whilst getting ready in the morning or winding down for the day. Thanks to the versatility of this style of bathroom, it’s easy to understand why ensuites have become an increasingly popular addition to many homes. 

Whether you’re looking to start from scratch with a new ensuite bathroom, or you simply feel that it’s time your existing bathroom got the upgrade it needs, getting started is no easy task. From finalising the layout of bathroom furniture, to choosing your prefered bathroom suite style, there can be a large number of important decisions to make. And this can become increasingly complicated when taking into consideration the compact size you tend to see with this style, creating a confined bathroom layout that works for you could be a challenge.

Whatever your renovation or redecoration plans may be, our Panel Company guide to clever ensuite bathrooms will talk you through some of our favourite tips, tricks and ensuite bathroom designs. Featuring expert advice on layout and design, as well as recommendations on an assortment of stylish and practical ensuite furniture, read ahead to find some beautiful, contemporary bathroom ideas that are sure to inspire and motivate you to create an ensuite that you’ll love.

Ensuite Bathroom Ideas

From practical wall cladding to contemporary accessories, we have a number of clever ensuite ideas that you can draw inspiration from when you feel it’s time to upgrade your bathroom. While both style and functionality of your ensuite wall style and bathroom accessories are important, you should also consider how these will look alongside other fixtures in your ensuite, and whether you'll be following a set colour scheme when redecorating.

Wall Cladding Ideas for Ensuites

Wall cladding is an important factor to consider before getting started as it sets the tone for the whole bathroom. The furniture and other accessories you choose to add will all depend on the colour and style of the wall panels that you choose for your ensuite. For instance, if you’re looking to go for darker cladding, purchasing lighter coloured furniture will create a striking contrast and help to create the illusion of a larger space whilst ensuring the room doesn’t look too dark or gloomy. Contrastingly, lighter coloured panels would be best accompanied by bright furniture and accessories to create an uplifting feel.

Whether a marble style ensuite has caught your eye, or you’re after a more minimalist design and are looking to purchase some simple white cladding, there are a number of sought-after ensuite panel styles available at The Panel Company. It is important to take time browsing when choosing a wall style to ensure that it will suit your taste. However, no matter which cladding you choose for your ensuite, homeowners should make sure this particular style of cladding contains waterproof properties and is
easy to install. 

white marble bathroom wall panels

With an ensuite where space might be limited, it’s important to consider the constraints of the space. To make best use of a small ensuite, we would recommend using lighter colours where possible, ensuring plenty of light is reflected to create a bright and refreshing feel. 

These white marble bathroom wall panels are a sleek, contemporary addition to our collection of bathroom panels that are right on-trend at the moment. Featuring a staggered tile effect, this waterproof and mould-resistant cladding provides an uplifting addition to any bathroom, and the functional design means these can also be used in other areas of the home.

grey tile effect bathroom panels

If white or beige colourways aren’t to your taste, these grey tile effect bathroom panels might meet your style preferences. Often panels or fixtures that feature darker colours could risk making smaller bathrooms with limited amounts of light appear too dark or cramped. However, this contemporary grey toned tile combined with the subtle white grout effect provides the perfect balance for those who are looking for a modern effect that isn’t too detailed, and creates a calming atmosphere to retreat to.

Ensuite Accessories

Accessories shouldn’t be overlooked when designing a new space, they can be the perfect finishing touch that can make a big difference to the appearance of your ensuite. If you're looking to make a small upgrade to your space, these fixtures can uplift the appearance of your bathroom while keeping installation efforts to a minimum. 

While adding a few ornaments might provide some style to the space, we advise making practical accessories a priority too, particularly if your ensuite space is limited. Whether you’re looking for a durable towel holder, on the hunt for a sturdy soap dish, or you’re searching for another useful bathroom accessory, it’s important to write a full list of what you’ll need beforehand to prevent too many fixtures being purchased, which can result in a cluttered look. 

kartell astley single towel bar

An ideal option when space is limited, the Kartell Astley single towel bar boasts a traditional touch and is great for those who like a classic bathroom style. Complete with a simple and elegant design, the chrome fixture blends well with most ensuite interior styles, and is also available as a double towel rail if you’re in need of more storage.

soap dispenser and holder

Our range of bathroom accessories features a wide selection of practical storage solutions from Kartell such as the simple soap dispenser and holder and tumbler holder, as well as the wall mounted soap dish which is perfect for freeing up sink space and preventing clutter.

Ensuite Toilets

Likely the most important fixture in your ensuite bathroom, the size and style of the toilet can make a massive impact to the overall appearance of your ensuite. If you have a large shower in your ensuite, we advise buying a smaller or more basic style toilet without a large back cistern to help conserve space. However, if you happen to have a smaller shower in your ensuite, or you don’t have a shower space at all, this could allow more room for a larger toilet that follows a more unique style and sits in front of a larger cistern.

kartell bijou cistern

The Kartell Bijou Cistern, along with its accompanying fixtures, provides a concealed design suited to a modern style bathroom. Featuring a low profile design that takes up limited space, this is perfect for any small bathroom, even if it’s not an ensuite. Boasting a classic, glossy white design and curved build, it’s understandable why this style is a favourite among households.

matt grey toilet and unit
Another suitable choice for smaller spaces, the matt grey toilet and unit follows a classic design appropriate for more traditional style bathrooms. Featuring a compact width of only 500mm, the unit doesn’t take up a large amount of space in your bathroom yet makes a big impact in style, leaving enough room for other fixtures and accessories, such as a shower, towel rail and more. With an elegant, concealed design, the package can be purchased in grey, as above, or if you feel a lighter shade would blend more effectively with your interiors, this toilet and unit is also available in white. 

Small Ensuite Bathroom Ideas

If space is particularly limited in your ensuite bathroom, taking time to plan the layout is essential. Not only will this allow you to plan in advance, making the design process easier and more productive, it will also enable you to be more efficient when it comes to space-saving techniques. Luckily, we have an extensive collection of bathroom furniture in a variety of styles and sizes at The Panel Company, which can help to provide you with inspiration during the planning stages of your renovation. 

Ensuite Storage

Ensuites often aren’t the main bathroom in your house and are intended for individual use, therefore they may not require as much storage as other suites in your house. We recommend opting for smaller storage options which boast the perfect amount of space to store everyday bathroom essentials. Where possible, it might be wise to choose a space-saving unit where two fixtures are built into one, such as a sink unit that includes storage drawers.

kartell basin and drawer unitFeaturing plenty of storage space, the Kartell Basin & Drawer Unit is ideal for smaller ensuites. Containing two functional fixtures built into one, this drawer and sink unit are crafted from durable, high-quality materials to ensure longevity. . Complete with a sleek matte graphite design, this sink unit is a great addition to any small, modern bathroom and is available in a number of different sizes.

Ensuite Shower Room Ideas

If you plan on having a shower in your ensuite it’s important to plan in advance how this will fit alongside the rest of your furniture and accessories.

Shower Parts

Deciding on all of the elements that make up your shower cubicle can be a daunting task as it is one of the most important, functional areas of the space, but as a general rule, you’ll likely need a valve, tray, screen and shower head (if you’re planning on purchasing all shower accessories separately). 

wet room screens

Often, those revamping their ensuite might decide to install wet room flooring as a stylish and space saving alternative to the traditional raised tray cubicle. If you’re looking into this style, it’s important that you select the right shower screen to prevent shower water from splashing around your bathroom. Designed with strong, durable safety glass, our practical and versatile wet room screens are suitable for installing on a shower tray or standard wet room flooring. Featuring a modern clean cut finish, these functional screens are available in a wide range of sizes. 

kartell kritall wet room screen

If you’re searching for a more statement option to add to your wet room flooring or shower tray, the Kartell Kritall wet room screen which includes a convenient support bar, offers the perfect ensuite shower solution. If you’re looking to make the shower the centrepiece of your ensuite, this contemporary grid effect will make an impact in any space whilst blending seamlessly with any interior colour scheme. Never compromising style for function, this wet room panel features tough safety glass to ensure that your cubicle stays looking stylish for years to come.

If you're looking for further advice on choosing an appropriate shower for your bathroom renovations, read our full guide on how to choose a shower to suit your bathroom to help inspire your ensuite shower room ideas.

Ensuite Bathroom Ideas at The Panel Company

Whether you’re searching for small accessories to compliment your existing bathroom interiors, or you’re eager to do a more challenging renovation and are on the hunt for some sleek wall or shower panels, we have everything you need to bring your ensuite bathroom ideas to life at The Panel Company. Featuring a wide range of bathroom accessories, toilets, ensuite cladding and more, discover our full bathroom collection online for further inspiration.

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