Choosing a Shower: What Types of Shower Suit Your Bathroom?

Choosing a Shower: What Types of Shower Suit Your Bathroom?

May 12, '22

Whether you’re in the process of a bathroom renovation and need a shower to complete your installation, or are simply looking for an upgrade, selecting the right type of shower to compliment your space can be a daunting task. Taking into consideration the endless options and styles available in today’s market, it can be difficult to determine what type of shower will be most suited to your bathroom interiors and the needs of your household.

From shower heads and valves, to trays and shower screens, this blog will make the process of selecting your new shower as hassle-free as possible. Join us as we talk you through the features of each shower fixture, answer your frequently asked questions surrounding these options, and provide a selection of functional and stylish product recommendations that will ensure you have your perfect shower picked out in no time. 

How do I choose a shower for my bathroom? 

When it comes to choosing a shower for your bathroom, or any other DIY project, it’s important to set a rough budget before you commence the search. Of course, there are some shower fixtures that tend to be cheaper than others which could influence your decision - for instance, fixed shower heads often have a lower price than those with height adjustments. However, the type of shower you choose can depend on a variety of other factors that may take priority over price, such as the individual requirements of your household or even style preferences.

Another important factor to consider is the space available in your bathroom. At The Panel Company, our fixtures include multiple size options in order to provide the freedom you need to choose a size that fits your bathroom requirements, without compromising on style. Whether your space is big or small, we recommend measuring your bathroom floor before you begin the process of considering which types of showers you prefer, as this will help you decide on a suitable tray and screen shape. 

Choosing Shower Heads

Depending on your preferences, whether you’re after a fixed shower head that stays in one place, or a more versatile fixture that can be moved around for easier cleaning, there are multiple shower head styles you can choose from. As shower heads can be one of the most challenging fixtures to buy and one of the more important decisions you have to make when installing your bathroom, we’ve put together a guide to talk you through the two most popular shower head styles and the benefits of each.

Types of Shower Head

Fixed shower head

Fixed shower heads are fitted towards the top of the shower cubicle and can be altered to change the spray of the shower, however they are not height adjustable. Regardless of this potential limiting factor, this fixture is incredibly cost effective and is easy to maintain. Often, fixed shower heads come in round or square shapes, making them ideal for adding a contemporary touch to your bathroom. And, with multiple styles available to choose from, these provide the perfect, budget friendly solution that will suit a wide range of bathroom interiors. 

Height adjustable shower head 

Handheld or height adjustable shower heads provide a flexible option that can be used for a bath or shower. Highly functional, these are able to be adjusted to a suitable height, making them the ideal option for households with young children. Height adjustable and hose shower heads are also a convenient cleaning option and are perfect for rinsing down shower walls and screens, keeping your shower area looking spotless.

Shower Head Types

Kartell Deluge Fixed Shower Head & Arm

Kartell Deluge Fixed Shower Head and Arm

Among many others from our Kartell range, our Kartell Deluge fixed shower head is a popular choice from our collection of fixed shower heads. Featuring a stylish build, this sleek chrome fixture includes a circular drench head and sturdy arm and, fitted with a ball joint at the top of the shower head, the direction of the flow can be changed with ease. Boasting practical features, as well as on-trend styling with the mixed silver and chrome colourway, it’s the perfect fixture to complete any modern style bathroom. 

Kartell Nero Square Thermostatic Exposed Bar Shower

Kartell Nero Square Thermostatic Exposed Bar Shower with Overhead Drencher & Sliding Handset

A versatile addition to the Kartell range, if you’re looking for a rain-fall effect shower but have young children or pets in your home that you need to cater for, our Kartell Nero square thermostatic shower ticks all the boxes. Featuring a fixed drench head and a smaller, height adjustable shower head, there’s something to suit all members of the household, no matter their height. Finished with a stylish matt black colourway and manufactured to a premium standard, this appealing fixture will enhance the style of your bathroom while offering a number of functional, convenient features.

Choosing Shower Valves

How do thermostatic shower valves work?

Thermostatic shower valves tend to be one of the most popular choices. This is largely due to the fact these prevent a number of common issues that can often be seen with other types of shower valve, including the shower temperature going cold when someone flushes the loo or turns a tap on whilst the shower is running. Thermostatic valves are extremely straightforward to use, with only two handles used, one to switch the shower off and on, and another to adjust the shower temperature.

At The Panel Company, we stock a range of different styles of thermostatic shower valves - from taps with a traditional exposed appearance to those offering a more modern, concealed look in a variety of shapes including square, circular and more, all in an appealing range of colourways to suit your interior design plan.

Kartell Viktory Concealed Thermostatic Shower Valve

Kartell Viktory Concealed Thermostatic Shower Valve

Made to blend seamlessly with a modern-Victorian style bathroom, this traditional shower valve from the Kartell Viktory range boasts a flawless chrome finish and features a rectangular back metal plate featuring beveled edges for another nod to the Victorian style. Suitable for all plumbing systems, this flexible and convenient fixture is appropriate for installing in almost any bathroom. 

Kartell Nero Square Concealed Thermostatic Shower Valve Matt Black

Kartell Nero Square Concealed Thermostatic Shower Valve Matt Black

If you’re searching for a more modern and impactful style for a contemporary bathroom, the Kartell Nero square shower valve might be the perfect choice. The ideal match to our exposed shower from the Kartell Nero range, this sleek, minimalist-inspired design features a modern rectangular back panel and square notches that can be used to adjust the shower to a suitable temperature. 

Choosing Shower Trays

What are the best shower trays?

Featuring a wide range of shapes, sizes and styles, it can be difficult to know where to start when choosing a tray that will fit alongside your other shower fixtures. It is vital that your chosen tray fits your shower enclosure, ensuring the water is confined to the area with no chance of leakages.

The tray and shower enclosure should also leave enough room for other bathroom furniture. Although this may seem obvious, it’s important to choose the correct tray shape and size to prevent your bathroom from looking too overcrowded. For instance, a compact, quadrant enclosure is ideal for smaller bathrooms, while a square or rectangular tray may be more suited to larger rooms.

From shallow to deep set trays, our affordable selection of shower bases at The Panel Company features a wide range of options to suit the needs of every home. Featuring quadrant and square shapes, our range will fit most household bathrooms.

Shower Tray Types

Kartell K-Vit Offset Quad Shower Tray 

Kartell K-Vit Offset Quad Shower tray

Highly versatile, this Kartell Quad Shower Tray is available in a range of different sizes and offers both left and right hand angles, making it suitable for placing in any corner of a smaller, compact bathroom. Made using high quality resin, this durable shower base leads the way in strength and is designed to last. 

Kartell K-Vit Rectangle L/P Shower Tray

Kartell K-Vit Rectangle L/P Shower Tray

Ideal for bathrooms of any size, this rectangle shower tray from Kartell is available in a number of different dimensions. The stone resin tray is perfect for placing in mid-to-large bathrooms, ensuring enough floor space is left between each piece of bathroom furniture. Highly practical and designed to last, the shower base requires minimal maintenance.

What are the different types of showers?

Whether you’re searching for a walk-in shower to pair with wet room flooring, or a quadrant sliding door enclosure for placing in the corner of your room, it’s vital to choose a shower and screen that caters to the particular style you’re going for. Boasting a stylish assortment of hinged, fixed and folding screens, our range features multiple shower screens, suited to a variety of bathroom sizes.

Types of Shower Screens

Kartell Koncept Offset Quadrant Enclosure 

Kartell Koncept Offset Quadrant Enclosure 6mm

Designed to be opened with ease, Kartell’s quadrant bathroom enclosure features two space saving sliding doors. Suitable for installing on a left or right angled quadrant shower tray, the enclosure can be fitted to any corner of your bathroom. Made to elevate your bathroom with a clean, modern finish, this easy to install shower screen will compliment your interiors and keep your bathroom floor free from spray and water fall out.

Kartell Koncept Wet Room Screens

Kartell Koncept Wet Room Screens 8mm

Best suited to bathroom interiors featuring wet room flooring, or alternatively to be placed around a shower tray, our Kartell wet room screens are versatile and long lasting. Boasting a sleek, clean-cut finish, this square screen will add a touch of elegance to your bathroom. Designed to be installed as a standalone screen or purchased with another screen of a different size to create a walk-in enclosure, these fixtures provide full flexibility on your wet room layout.

Types of Showers at the Panel Company

Providing everything you need to build your perfect shower, our collection features both traditional and contemporary fixtures. From practical valves to clean cut shower screens and much more, discover our full range online at The Panel Company. 

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