ShowerWall Silicone Sealant | Translucent


Product Information

ShowerWall HPL Panel Silicone Sealant –  Fast curing, low modulus, easy to smooth wall panel and sanitary ware sealant.

We recommend that ShowerWall’s own brand products should be used for the effective fitting, sealing and maintenance of your ShowerWall system. The use of any alternative products may invalidate your guarantee. For a 1000mm wide panel, use one cartridge of ShowerWall adhesive for fixing the panel to your wall and two cartridges of ShowerWall sealant for sealing the edges of the panel and when using SureSeal strip.


  Mould Resistant    Water Tight    Quick Drying
  • Translucent Adhesive
  • Direct Bond Adhesive With Legendary Grabbing Performance
  • We Recommend Using Two Tube's Per Panel (For Sealing The Edges) On Installation

Adhesive Quantity

This bottle contains 300ml of adhesive