ShowerWall Quadrant Trim


Product Information

NOTE | THIS TRIM SHOULD ONLY BE USED WITH THE SHOWER PANEL BRAND 'ShowerWall' (if this trim is purchased with any other panel you will be refunded straight away) -

ShowerWall Curved End Cap Extrusion Profile - This fixing bracket is designed to fix ShowerWall panels to walls at the end of the run of panelling, this sits flat against the wall surface and the panel slots in to the end cap and is held in place with ShowerWall adhesive leaving a neat finish. In order to ensure a watertight finish, ShowerWall trims are required for the outer edges of the panels, as well as both internal and external corners.

Trims are available in five colour options:
Bright Silver | Satin Silver | Black Silk | White Gloss | Antique Gold

Easy Fit  Water Tight    Quick Drying

  • Trim Designed To Fix ShowerWall Panels Onto External Corners
  • Panels Slot Into Trim At Right Angles To Provide A Neat Finish
  • Trim To Join Panels Together
  • Available In Bright Silver, Satin Silver, Black Silk, White & Antiques Gold
  • Material - Aluminium
  • Flush Fitting
  • Seal With ShowerWall Sealant
  • Select Size & Colour You Require

11mm Trim Dimension
2450mm In Length

Trim Pack Size
The price shown is for a pack of 1 that will cover 2450mm of surface length


Please Note - The colour swatch is for reference only, actual finishes may appear slightly different on the actual product