ShowerWall Internal Corner Trim

Product Information

NOTE | THIS TRIM SHOULD ONLY BE USED WITH THE SHOWER PANEL BRAND 'ShowerWall' (if this trim is purchased with any other panel you will be refunded straight away) -

This internal corner has an extrusion profile - This trim is designed to fit into the corner of a cubicle/room and holds two panels to create a 90° 'L' shape. In order to ensure a watertight finish, ShowerWall trims are required for the outer edges of the panels, as well as both internal and external corners.

Trims are available in five colour options:
Bright Silver | Satin Silver | Black Silk | White Gloss | Antique Gold

Easy Fit    Water Tight   Quick Drying

  • Trim Designed To Fix ShowerWall Panels Onto Internal Corners
  • Panels Slot Into Trim At Right Angles To Provide A Neat Finish
  • Trim To Join Panels Together When They Meet At A Corner
  • Available In Bright Silver, Satin Silver, Black Silk, White & Antiques Gold
  • Material - Aluminium
  • Flush Fitting
  • Seal With ShowerWall Sealant
  • Select Size & Colour You Require

11mm Trim Dimension
2450mm In Length

Trim Pack Size
The price shown is for a pack of 1 that will cover 2450mm of surface length

Please Note - The colour swatch is for reference only, actual finishes may appear slightly different on the actual product