The Shower Panel People

The Shower Panel People

Why do we call ourselves the Shower Panel People?

In summary: history, experience, and passion. We believe in what we do, who we are and the products we sell.

It all started with Décor Cladding Centre. We began back in 2004 when what was known as cladding was in its infancy, from one small outfit in the North East. We have been around a long time in an industry where internet start-ups come and go. A product guarantee from us actually means something!

In 2013 Décor Cladding Centre was bought by Harry who brought a passion for customer service – you’ll find him answering your queries most days, all day on-line and the company grew from one small outlet to four outlets serving a national customer base.

In 2015 we launched with one aim – to provide a high quality product at the best price we can and provide all the support and help you need, not just sell you the product and walk away. And since then we have sold more than 100,000 panels to a growing market of people who have come to realise that panels offer a genuine, and in many ways superior, product to tiles and grout.

Our focus is Shower Panels

We buy and sell more than anyone else, we have based our entire business on quality products in a market where not all suppliers share our values or our history. But we do more, much more. We sell an enormous variety of narrower panels, solid-core panels and all the trims and accessories you need into a huge variety of markets – domestic, commercial, hotels, restaurants, offices, bars, gyms….we could go on.

But whatever we do, one thing stays the same. It’s personal. Whether its Harry, Kyle, Tyler and Alan in Durham, James in Rotherham, Gary in Bristol or Keith in Huddersfield or the rest of the support team – you will be dealing with people who care.