Why we no longer use Couriers for our Deliveries.

Why we no longer use Couriers for our Deliveries.

Damaged panels can lead to delays and stress arranging replacements. When you receive damaged panels, it can take at least a week to arrange replacements assuming they remain in stock. There are also usually issues with proof of damage and returning the damaged panels. 

What is the problem with a courier delivery? 

The panels are simply too large. The courier network is built for smaller parcels and panels can be 3 Metres in length and over 1 Metre wide plus they can be heavy. The couriers do not like handling these oversized parcels, so damages are common.  

What kind of damages? 

It is often corner damage, but we have seen panels with holes punched in them and even snapped in two. Most damages are the result of couriers who take short cuts and do not secure the panels in the back of their vans. And, honestly, because they just hate handling them due to their size, they appear to take pleasure in taking it out on the boards! 

But I can just order replacements. 

Yes, you can but you are then at the mercy of customer services and stock availability with potential for significant delay. If you are ordering panels in advance of a fitter or have booked time off work to fit them yourself, you will probably miss that time slot because you will be waiting for replacements. The reality is that companies simply put you to the back of the queue. 

Why is courier delivery now so unreliable? 

The largest courier company that handled oversized parcels, Tuffnells, went into administration in June… 


Cladding suppliers are now scrambling to find alternatives. Unfortunately, there are very few couriers that are willing to handle this size of parcel. Even when they do they have little to no experience handling large panels and the sheer volume of additional large size packages is exceeding their capacity. 

Why The Panel Company is Different? 

We deliver every order on our own vehicles and control every step from you placing the order to you receiving your delivery at your address. 

We have previously used couriers, but with a high damage rate and far too many customer service issues; panels literally thrown over garden walls! Delivery became a lottery.

This clashed with everything we stand for as a company, so several years ago we decided to invest in our own nationwide fleet of vehicles, trained drivers, plus  regional storage and dispatch centres.

Our panels leave our warehouses in perfect condition and arrive at the customer address in perfect condition. All our responsibility. 

Do not leave your new bathroom or feature wall to chance - order from The Panel Company 

We deliver nationwide and handle each order with care and precision. We have earned the reputation as the safe, reliable choice for panels.  

We also stock more panels, at better prices, than any other supplier with a delivery service you can trust.

You do not leave your order to chance when you order from The Panel Company. 


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