How to Upgrade Your Utility Room

How to Upgrade Your Utility Room

Jun 24, '21

Whilst the utility room may not be your first priority when it comes to renovating your home, the rise of home decor Instagram accounts and Pinterest has seen many people want to upgrade every inch of their house.

When it comes to creating a high end look for less, wall panels are the perfect choice. They’re affordable, easy to install, waterproof and wipe clean - important attributes when it comes to this type of room. 

Whilst there are few of us who actually enjoy doing laundry, a well decorated utility room can make everyone’s least favourite chore more bearable - you may even find yourself wanting to spend more time in there!

Ideas for a utility room 

Luxe for less

Metallic wall panels can really elevate a space, offering a touch of shimmer and shine for that luxurious feel. 

abstract silver wall panels

Abstract Silver PVC Panels

Metallic panels with a brushed pattern and satin finish are ultra stylish and bring all of the texture and detail you need in order to elevate your utility room, giving it a more expensive look and feel. You can also match this type of panel with your washing machine and dryer if they have metallic elements, along with matching accessories such as chrome taps and detergent dispensers. 

Rustic charm 

Brick effect wall panels are perfect for creating a feature wall and can make a plain utility room a much more inviting space. 

dumapan smp valladolid nature pvc panels

Many brick effect wall panels are super realistic, allowing you to achieve a much sought-after look without the hassle and mess of trying to achieve it with real brick. Plus, PVC is much easier to clean and fully water resistant.

Traditional tiles

Many people opt for tiles in their utility room due to practicality and the traditional look they create. However, real tiles are often expensive, easily damaged and difficult to install, but tile effect panels are a low-maintenance alternative that look just as good.

dumapan smp cement tile

Patterned tile effect panels offer a traditional, homely feel and will never go out of style. They’re a popular choice these days as many homeowners embrace their property’s beginnings by imitating more classic features. 

Small utility room ideas

Stack to save space

Utility rooms often don’t have a lot of floor space, so if you’re able to safely stack your washer and dryer on top of each other then this can make the room appear bigger, and opens up floor space. This means if you’ve opted for new flooring, you can show as much of it off as possible. 

Fun focal points 

It’s likely that your utility room may not have a window, which can mean it feels smaller and darker. In this instance, why not create your own focal point to give you something interesting to look at whilst folding your laundry? A print can inject a little fun into the space and provides something to look at whilst you’re washing and folding.


Vox Vilo Motivo Modern Wave Stripes

We love these feature wall panels that bring the space to life! The utility room is a part of the house that you can really get creative with and let your imagination run wild, so why not opt for a bold pattern on the walls?

Larger floor tiles

Choice of flooring plays a huge role in making a small utility room look bigger. A busy pattern or small tile size can make a room look smaller, so we recommend opting for a larger size and minimalist design. 

matt carrara marble stone spc flooring
Matt Carrara Marble Stone SPC Flooring

A white marble effect floor is a simple yet sophisticated choice and will help to open up a small room. Our stone effect vinyl flooring is easy to fit, waterproof and antibacterial - perfect for a utility room. The marble design offers just enough detail without overpowering the space. 

PVC or vinyl floor tiles are very easy to fit and even easier to keep clean, and with more design options and realistic finishes on offer than ever before, many homeowners prefer them to real tiles.

Reflective surfaces 

Reflective surfaces maximise natural light which can help to make a room feel bigger and brighter.

white platinum sparkle pvc cladding

White Platinum Sparkle PVC Cladding

Our platinum sparkle PVC panels contain small silver flecks which reflect light, creating a beautiful iridescent effect.  

Make the most of it

When space is limited, you have to make the most of what you have. Besides new wall panels and flooring, there are other areas you can update to pull the room together. A splashback, for example, is a small area that can make a big impact.

mosaic pvc cladding

Vox Motivo Marble Mosaic PVC Cladding

Most utility rooms contain a sink, meaning you need some sort of splashback to protect your walls if you aren’t tiling or paneling the whole room. Even if you do opt for panels on every wall, a contrasting splashback can make a great feature. A mosaic tile splashback is a great option as it can easily be fitted to the size you require whilst allowing the full design to be displayed over a smaller surface area, but there are many options when it comes to splashbacks. 

Even if you don’t fancy redecorating the whole utility room, simply changing your splashback can make all the difference. 

What can you use for a splashback? 

Any splashback must be fully waterproof. The most popular choices for splashbacks are tiles, glass and PVC panels. All have the potential to look amazing, but the first two are harder and more costly to install. PVC splashbacks can achieve a high end look without breaking the bank and will stand the test of time, due to their high water resistance and easy-to-clean nature. 

PVC splashbacks are generally much more budget friendly than tiles or glass, and the best part is you don’t need to buy a large amount of panelling either, freeing up some money for other areas of the room. 

Ready to upgrade your utility room? Take a look at our selection of PVC interior wall panels and luxury vinyl flooring for some inspiration. 


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