How to update your bathroom using existing interiors

How to update your bathroom using existing interiors

Jun 8, '21

Whether your current interior design style is outdated, suffering from chips and scrapes or you’re simply just bored of your look and want to shake things up, doing a little home restyling is a worthwhile endeavor. Fortunately, and contrary to popular belief, not every home redecoration has to be a high cost, high inconvenience renovation project.

Sometimes, all it takes to transform a space is a few small, low cost changes that you can easily do yourself. In most rooms of the home, such as the living room or a bedroom, upgrading a space is limited to a fresh coat of paint, leaving you with a new look, but not a new feel. In the bathroom however, upgrading your interiors can completely transform the space, to create a whole new look, feel and style whilst sticking to a budget.

In this blog, we’ll walk you through some of our favourite low-cost bathroom renovation ideas, that will leave you with a completely new bathroom with minimal effort and costs involved.

Upgrading a shower space

One of the most important features of a bathroom, updating your shower space is an efficient way of spending a little but gaining a lot. Big renovations in this area may include buying a new shower unit, or even creating a whole wet room, but these methods can be very expensive and require hiring builders for installation. 

Fortunately for people decorating on a tighter budget, an easy way to achieve the look of a new shower without replacing it entirely is to make the most of easy-to-install PVC shower panels or tiles. Acting as an instant feature wall, shower panels not only draw the attention of the eye, but give the look of a brand new shower without replacing the unit itself. 

When it comes to styling, new PVC shower panels, we’ve added two of our favourite styles to give you some new bathroom ideas for your own home.

Marble effect shower panels

Opt for something simple yet elegant with marble effect shower panels. Definitely a statement bathroom upgrade, the marble style is an indulgence in luxury that, with PVC shower panels won’t cost the moon. Choose from understated cladding styles in soft colourways like the Large Subtle Grey Marble panels or go bold with the Black Marble design.

subtle grey marble shower panels

Tile effect wall panels

For those that prefer a more traditional look in their bathroom, tile effect shower panels are right at the top of our list of bathroom upgrade ideas. Significantly easier to install and maintain than traditional tiles, realistic tile effect panels transform a shower space with minimal effort required. Our Midnight Stone Blue PVC Shower Panels are a favourite of ours, and are the easiest way to create a beautiful, tranquil bathroom space.

tile effect wall panels

Renovating a bath splashback

While many modern bathrooms have a shower rather than a bath, in order to make the most of limited floor space, those with a standing bath needn’t miss out on all the decorating fun. One of the best simple bathroom ideas in this scenario is to update the bath splashback. 

Whether you want a half height bath splashback or would prefer to do the entire wall, a bath splashback is the perfect way to keep the walls of your bathroom protected from water splashes and steam. With plenty of options for style and colourway, this is one area of a bathroom you can update to fit your exact interior design preferences.

Discover two bathroom upgrade ideas for splashbacks and draw a little inspiration below.

Full-height bath splashback

For those that do nothing in half measures, creating a full-height splashback is one of the best money-saving options for upgrading a bathroom. Using beautifully styled and 100% waterproof wall panels such as our Dumalock 3 Tile Stone Galet Panels in light grey, you can choose to create a single feature wall against the bath or, if you’re hoping to upgrade your entire bathroom at once, use panels on all walls to create a new bathing haven.

dumalock stone galet light grey

Half-height bath splashback 

When it comes to creating a half-height splashback for a bath, the most obvious benefit is the incredibly low cost. With half as many panels to buy, a half-height splashback takes only a few moments to instal and, when coordinated with the existing bathroom interiors, is exactly the refresh a bathroom needs. 

For a neutral toned bathroom, our Decorwall Elegance Mosaic Cladding in white. Not only will this style complement the rest of your bathroom but, in choosing a tile effect bath splashback for half-height, styling is even easier as the grout lines create a natural stopping point. 

white mosaic wall panels

Utilise simple bathroom ideas at The Panel Company

Whether your bathroom is spacious or cramped, has a shower or a bath, there are plenty of new bathroom upgrade ideas to choose from to completely transform your space. Making little renovations, such as implementing a half-height bath splashback or putting a little extra money into bathroom PVC panels to transform all the walls goes a long way.

At The Panel Company, we’ve helped countless customers achieve the bathroom of their dreams at low prices and we’re always excited to help more with their next project, no matter how big or small. So, if you need a little more inspiration, simply visit our bathroom panels collection or contact our friendly members of staff directly for additional advice.

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