Vox Fronto Bottom Ventilation Trim


Product Information
SKU VFT3024118

Vox Fronto  Bottom Ventilation Trim for Fronto Slat Wall Exterior Panels

Installation - 
The supporting structure can be made of both wooden battens and metal profiles mounted directly to the walls.

  • Wooden battens should be made of good quality wood,
    without knots, with a moisture content of 15-17%,
    properly impregnated with dimensions of 30 x 22 mm.
  • For metal construction, we use as standard galvanised
    profiles with UW/CW 75 cross-section, width 50,4 lm. *
  • Provide adequate ventilation from the bottom (approx. 150 mm from the ground) and the top of the wall (approx. 20 mm).
  • Battens are mounted at a distance of max. 40 cm, counting from the centre of the battens.

Maintenance -
Panels and moldings can be cleaned from time to time with a household detergent solution at a temperature not exceeding 40°C. Do not use solvents and similar aggressive and caustic liquids. Rinse the surface with clean water after washing.

Individual Trim Size

Length : 3050 mm OR equivalent to 305 cm

Trim Pack Size
The price shown is for a pack of 1 trim.

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  • Vox Fronto  Bottom Ventilation Trim for Slat Wall Exterior Panels
  • Quick And Easy Installation
  • Lightweight for Easy Installation
  • Durable & Hardwearing - Withstands storms & hurricanes
  • Product Code  VFT3024118

Vox Fronto Slat Wall Panels