Shower Panel Installation Kit for 4 x Shower Panels

Product Information
SKU SPIK4-gripfill

The Panel Company Shower Panel Installation kit comes with everything you need to install up to 4 x 1-metre wide PVC shower panels.

This kit is designed to have everything you need to install shower panels, at a discounted rate for purchasing in a bulk kit. Having everything you need already in one place will significantly streamline the job and make it much easier. 

This Installation kit comes with enough Adhesive to adhere four 1m wide Shower panels. You will need to select the Silicone Adhesive variant if installing over existing tiles / if installing over a porous surface such as plasterboard, brick etc you will need to select the Grip Fill Adhesive variant.

Within this kit supplied is a sealant gun, along with a tube of sanitary silicone, this helps finish of fixtures and fittings offering a mould free finish for many years to come! Finish of your shower or bath area using the included silicone free Clad Seal Strip and end caps.

The Installation Kit Contains the Following

  • 8x Pink Grip Solvent Free Adhesive. 2 tubes per Panel. (8 tubes of sanitary silicone if fitting on a non porous surface). 
  • 2x SiroFlex Contractors Sanitary Silicone - White. Used for finishing 
  • 1x Siroflex OB1 Trade Sealant Gun.
  • 1x Clad Seal Strip Sealux (1.8m Long) Suitable for a standard 900 x 900 Shower Tray. 
  • 2x Clad Seal End Caps with Silicone Spreader. 

Which Installation kit do I need? 
For Porous Surface (When Installing panels over Plasterboard, Wood, Brick etc) >
For Installation on surfaces such as wood, Plasterboard and brick, you will need to Select Porous Surface Install Kit. This includes and instant grab adhesive suited to these surfaces. 

For Non Porous Surface (When Installing panels over Tiles, PVC Panels etc) >
For Installation on to high gloss surfaces, such as existing tiles, Select Non-Porous Surface Install Kit. 

The kit is also available for differing quantities of Shower Panels, in the following quantities > x2 & x6 PVC Shower Panels.

Please note: Partially used kits are non returnable, your statutory rights will not be affected.